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So, You Want to be an Imagineer Season 19 - Madcap Circus [CONCLUDED]


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Tiki's Reviews: Act Two - Sgt. Ha Ha's Laughing Hearts Club Band
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Alright, so right off the bat I just want to say that this is pretty much the opposite of my big disappointment in the cartoon dark ride project from last season. The Yogi Curse has been Reversed! I want to make it clear that while one team took the win by a pretty clear margin for me, all three of these projects were stellar in their own right. Were all still getting our sea legs when it comes to managing the game and personal schedules, so with that said I absolutely had a blast with these concepts!

Team Barnum

Let's not even beat around the bush with this one. All the projects were great, this was ICONIC. Seriously. Visually the movie posters on their own is just CLASSIC SYWTBAI creativity at its finest. It's interesting that Space thinks realism was your weakest point, because I thought it was one of the stronger points. I think something like this would absolutely elevate the park its in and the surrounding area. It'd be an awesome people eater to divide the crowds out between the two big E-Tickets on Sunset, and I think a creepy movie theater would fit the tone as much as a haunted hotel would. I think the park really needs an attraction that's an AA showcase above all else after the loss of the Great Movie Ride and this delivers that in spades.

I want to make it clear that we had a team swap planned in Project Three from before the game started, but with that being said just HOW strong this team is with the group work department definitely makes me glad were switching things around. I like having ya'll play with as many people as possible, as you never know what sort of cool dynamics are going to come out of different peoples skill sets and styles. With that said, holy moly did we draft a POWERHOUSE with the original Team Barnum. Even though ya'll only last two rounds as a cohesive unit, I wouldn't doubt for a second that this grouping will go down in the record books.

I tend to agree with Space that perhaps the pacing could have been relaxed just a little. That being said, fast pacing is the current trend with Disney, and this approach allows a bigger capacity as well as the ability to add a lot of variety. I really appreciate attractions with an element of chance to them, and the different B-Movies were a perfect way to do that. Speaking of variety, I really got into the huge mix of multimedia used within the different scenes. This variety is a big reason why I gave in and gave you guys the E-Ticket bonus points. Very excited to see how each individual person on this team fares throughout the game, because I think that all of them on their own have winners upside.
Creativity: 10/10
Realism: 10/10
Detail: 9/10
Presentation: 9/10
Group Work: 10/10
+5 Bonus Points
Total: 53/50

Team Bailey

I want to start off here by giving big kudos to the venue of choice. It was a really outside the box pick and the thing that helped drive the idea home was how enthusiastic the blog posts were. I can totally relate to the feeling of playing to a crowd of very few people who are actually excited about future projects that might be off the radar for most guests. (Hello Discovery Kingdom vlogs where I rant endlessly about the potential I see in the park's upcoming spinning wild mouse which comes complete with a themed queue and new reptile house exhibit. It's funny because I feel like once again this project is almost a little too realistic. Don't get me wrong, you nailed the dry museum humor really well, and my god is there a ton of variety in the scenes. I guess perhaps my main issue with how this was presented is it was hard to take in my mind's eye what was facts being presented and what was actually happening with the AAs. With that in mind I would have liked to have seen either individual blog posts for each of the scenes or some sort of more distinct visualization for stage direction.

That's really kind of nitpicky though. Like I said, the huge variety of show scenes is what really sold me on this. Seems to be a common theme with these projects. Now I do need to address the E Ticket vs. D Ticket of it all. Personally, I'm going to classify it as a D Ticket since there's not a ton of stand-out "wow" moments and the motion while definitely a cool feature doesn't feel as deeply integrated into the storytelling as the other two projects.

With that being said, I think ya'll got the FORMULA of an AA show down to a science, and that's something you can hang your hats on as the best of the three teams. The scenes moved along at a great pace providing really interesting information and just when it felt it started to drag it would keep going. That's pretty darn accurate to a museum type of show, and as much as I love it even something like Carousel of Progress. Like I said, a few more big "wow" moments would have made it stick out as an E-Ticket, but as a solid addition to an already well established museum it'd certainly be great in its own right.

It's tricky. Like...if something like this were installed at the Walt Disney Family Museum it would be the biggest draw of the place for a while, so the "E-Ticket". But I still don't think it would count as an E-Ticket when stacked up against the average park attraction that goes by that terminology. Honestly I think this is an example of the tier system maybe working against you. I think this concept would have been perfect for Dinoland and using the big Disney $$ could have REALLY made this thing pop and give it the wow factor that seems to be the one thing missing here. Even if you didn't get the bonus points, I think it would have been worth it because that's what the IDEA was more fit for. Use the tiers to your strengths. If your concept can really kick butt in a lower tier, I'd say go for it. While the museum was a really creative choice, Dinoland would have slid this into "icing on the cake" territory.

Alright, enough moaning about what could have been. This was still a really fantastic effort, especially this early into the season and with so many people on your team under major time crunches.

Creativity: 8/10
Realism: 9/10
Detail: 8/10
Presentation: 7/10 - I loved the opening of the blog format, but really wish you would have utilized individual entries more
Group Work: 8/10
+3 Bonus Points
Total: 43/50

Team Ringling

Woooah boy. This is a lot. And I mean that mostly in a good way! So first off I want to give you props for that classic sort of edu-tainment vibe that I'm just a sucker. I'm talking the sort of 1950's Ward Kimball Man in Space type stuff that they just don't make anymore. This feels like classic EPCOT Center but elevated. It's a great sort of melding of the groundbreaking parts of both Spaceship Earth and American Adventure, so Kudos to that. I found the choices of the main artists to be really clever in the sort of "hey, I know that name!" kind of way (ahem...Leo DiCaprio Pointing) I really love the visualization of how the walking AAs would work. It feels like a super natural evolution of what we've seen from Hondo, Olaf, Rocket etc blended with old school trickery used in American Adventure.

Speaking of old school trickery...my god, if there's one thing I have to give ya'll props for, it's a TERRIFIC use of forced perspective within the scenes themselves. I was transfixed with the sets and they were easily the thing I was looking forward to most as I was scrolling from scene to scene. Not gonna lie, I think that using voice acting would have really brought the script to life and reading it in text form, while fun...just didn't have the same sort of impact I think the talent on display deserves. That's a reason why I'm really stressing to push presentation further this time around.

Something as simple as setting up a Streamyard or Skype recording of a couple scenes would have really elevated stuff. Come to think of it...I might be able to scramble together a pool of voice talent ya'll can use in the future. I'll have to talk to Evan about that and it won't be for at least a couple rounds...but I could see production being an in-between to voice performers being a good solve-all for teams who might not want their voices on public display and a good outlet for me to give my friends creative projects of their own. Stay tuned. It could really be a win-win.

With all that said, despite the nitpicks you had a KILLER foundation with the opening and closing animations giving me a great glimpse into the technology at play throughout the rest of the show in my mind's eye. While I didn't personally like the interactive elements just because audience participation type stuff isn't really my taste, I do think you pulled it off well and earned the E-Ticket status. While this is a minor nitpick, I do wonder if this would have worked better at EPCOT.

I don't know how much the humor and history would translate to a Japanese audience (I mean by all means, @JokersWild can OBVIOUSLY speak more accurately about that haha) I do think this going into the United Kingdom would fill in one of those long-overdue expansion pads and also give the European side of the park a high scale American Adventure counterpart. I dunno, just food for thought. Overall another really well done project that was really close to firing on all cylinders.

Creativity: 9/10
Realism: 9/10
Detail: 9/10
Presentation: 8/10
Group Work: 8/10
+5 bonus points
Total: 48/50
Wow!!! Thank you for the feedback, Tiki!
This was absolutely one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on and I’m grateful that it shines through. I might just print out the posters and hang them in my living room because they’re some of my favorite visual creations ever. Thank you so so so much!!!


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Well I’m dropping out, good luck everyone!​
Really sorry to see you go. You definitely showed some great leadership potential stepping up to the plate two projects in a row but I can also totally get how that can burn you out. Hope you stick around to keep up with the game. Your commentary is always welcome. :)

With @Orange Cat out of the game, that covers the elimination for the round. I will be sending messages out to project leaders to nominate a PoMVP in the event your team comes in first place. I'll have the prompt for Project Four written out early tomorrow, so the sooner teams turn stuff in the sooner we can transition into Seuss territory. The scores of @D Hulk and myself will determine the winning team.

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