So, You Want to be an Imagineer Season 19 - Madcap Circus [CONCLUDED]


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Hurr-ay, Hurr-ay, Hurr-ay to the world famous MADCAP CIRCUS. But, this isn't just any circus. This is a circus where creativity runs WiLd. Anything can happen and probably will. See the beautiful and dangerous creatures of Tarrant Ramn's Magnificent Menagerie, the astonishing psychic abilities of Grogu The Great, and so much more.

Bringing back some favorite elements from seasons past, this round of So, You Want to be an Imagineer promises to bring the game into the next decade and usher it towards its milestone 20th installment. This is no warm-up. While season 20 will no doubt be a major event when it eventually hits, MADCAP CIRCUS promises some of the most wacky, surprising, and engaging projects in the history of the game.


Team-Based Gameplay
A mainstay of SYWTBAI. Join a team and work together to make your projects the best they can be. Lay low and work simply work on your team's project, or become Team Leader and choose the round's Nominees for Elimination should you lose or PoMVP Recipient should you win.

Fabulous Secret Powers
Also returning is the Power of PoMVP. Be the winning team's standout player to earn the Power of PoMVP to receive immunity during the next project.

The Return of Walt's Vault
A special prize passed between players. Peek into Walt's Vault and earn one of a kind prizes that could make, or destroy, your game.

Three Rings of Creativity
Each project will feature challenge tiers, known as Rings. Want to take it easy one round? Just focus on the Second Ring or Third Ring and do something simpler. Want to really prove yourself? Take on the Center Ring for a real challenge. Of course, there is incentive to taking the higher tiers - take on the challenge to receive a points bonus for your project scores. Take your victory by force by taking the highest tier, or play strategically by perfecting a simpler project for a possibly higher score in one of the lower tiers. The choice is yours.


The Projects
Project 0 - The Slightly Sophisticated Shopping Showcase
Act One - The Miraculous Mammal Menagerie (Team Ringling, Team Barnum, Team Bailey)
Act Two - Sgt. Haha's Laughing Hearts Club Band (Team Ringling, Team Barnum, Team Bailey)
Act Three - The High in the Sky Pure Action Air Ride (Team Ringling, Team Barnum, Team Bailey)
Act Four - What Happens on Mulberry Street Stays on Mulberry Street (Team Ringling, Team Barnum, Team Bailey)
Act Five - The Food Project (Team Ringling, Team Barnum, Team Bailey)
Act Six - Grogu The Great (Team Ringling, Team Barnum, Team Bailey)
Act Seven - The Mind-bending Mini Masterpieces (Team Ringling, Team Barnum, Team Bailey)
Act Eight - The Delightfully Different Dark Ride Suite (Team Danny Devito From Dumbo)
Act Nine - Kooky Clown Time (Team Danny DeVito From Dumbo)
Act Ten - Roll The Dice (Team Danny DeVito From Dumbo)
Act Eleven - Rick and Morty's Universal Adventure (Team Danny DeVito From Dumbo)
Act Twelve - Wonders of the World (Team Danny DeVito From Dumbo)
Semi-Finals - You're The Ringleader, Now Call the Shots (MickeyNerd, Sharon&Susan, Outbound, DisneyFan18, Nate)
Finals - The Forward-Thinking Finale (Team Danny DeVito From Dumbo)


The Recaps
Cast Assessment
Inside Baseball - Project 0
Inside Baseball - Project 1
Project 2 Elimination and Team Swap
Inside Baseball - Project 2
Inside Baseball - Project 3
Inside Baseball - Project 4
Inside Baseball - Projects 5 and 6
Project 7 Double Elimination
Project 8 Elimination
Project 7 and 8 Recap
Project 9 Elimination and Housekeeping
Project 9 and 10 Recap
Semi-Finals Recap and The Final Three Chosen
The Winner Revealed


The Standings
1. @Outbound
2. @Sharon&Susan
3. @Mickeynerd17
4. @NateD1226
5. @DisneyFan18
6. @Tegan pilots a chicken
7. @ThemeParkPriest
8. @goofyyukyuk
9. @PerGron
10. @AceAstro
11. @monkey92514
12. @Brer Panther
13. @mickeyfan5534
14. @b-wolf95
15. @Shannoninthemagic
16. @MickeyWaffleCo.
17. @Progress
18. @Orange Cat
19. @DisneyFan32
20. @DashHaber


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