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So, You Want to be an Imagineer Season 19 - Madcap Circus [CONCLUDED]


Team Barnum - Attack of the B Movie Review

The passion exhibited behind this project from the jump was palpable. The team communication and vision put forth but all the members of the team really got the ball rolling and in what might be no surprise - Team Barnum is the Ring Leader for PM Page Count this round.

Choosing the B-Movie topic is bold, and while I'm not sure it really fits on Sunset Boulevard (I feel like this is something experimental that would be more successful at something like DCA which already lacks a cohesive theme. Sunset at WDW is one of the best expansions to the original Hollywood Blvd and despite this replacing the Beauty and the Beast Stage show it does kind of feel out of place to me with the exterior design. Nevertheless, to me I'd prefer passion over a preferential locale choice, it always benefits the project more than trying to be hyper-realistic at the expense of passion.

The description of the theater to me was a bit convoluted. The original map was beautifully drawn and labeled, and I would have preferred the theater description image to follow suit. Instead of describing what the colors represent in text form, just label it on the image in the future. That would save on text and also make it more clear what each circle is representing. Because for something as obscure as a B-Movie theme, the theater technicalities seem very complex and I think could a been explained a bit more concisely. That said, I do respect the drive to try something new, the constructive feedback here is merely so that you can improve for future iterations.

As for the show experience, I'll harp on one other adjustment I would have made - the attraction seems very fast? Is that intentional? A little over a minute per scene seems like a very abrupt transition, and an E-ticket animatronic show only lasting a little under 7 minutes seems fast. Compared to something such as The American Adventure coming in at 29 minutes, that run-time is needed to let scenes breathe and allow the audience time to take in the surroundings before transitioning to the next scene.

All that addressed, I loved loved loved all the customization to this project. From the creative and colorful posters, to the descriptions of the scenes themselves throughout the show, this all feels like such an off-beat Disney attraction that could become a cult-classic adventure. The website is also eloquently designed as well, Wix was a throwback! Another big hit to me was the possibility of alternate endings, sustaining the re-watchability factor - something that with these shows is very important.

Overall - this team jumped out and went all in on the B-movie trope, and while ultimately I think this turned out to be a winner in its own right, there are still a few aspects as I mentioned that I would focus on in the future. I know you might all go to various teams next round, but hopefully it will be helpful from an outside perspective.

Creativity - 10/10
Realism - 8/10
Detail - 9/10
Presentation - 10/10
Teamwork - 10/10
Bonus + 5
52/50 = 104%


Team Ringling - The Carousel of Renaissance Art Review

So off the bat we have to find a category for this, Second Ring or Center Ring. I'm going to lean on Second Ring for a few reasons but most importantly because I didn't get a sense of the theater itself. I think for this project in particular there needs to be a theater description section, especially if going for the Center Ring prompt with the 'E-ticket theater experience' requirement. Perusing through the Scene by Scene description and then comparing it to the title of Carousel of Renaissance Art I'm a bit flummoxed if this is a stationary theater experience of if this is something moving from scene to scene such as Carousel of Progress. So with that uncertainty I'm going to grade it as Second Ring, though I'm not sure if it will matter in the long run if Tiki and Jokers decide otherwise.

While the activity in the PM wasn't at the level of say a Barnum, too much activity that isn't productive can be just as bad as inactivity, and more inactivity but with productive posts can lead to the same net positive result. So while page count is a fun tiara to pass along, don't fret if your style is to take it slow and steady - as long as there's a quality product at the end of it, your style really doesn't matter.

I love the Renaissance and I truly think the concept behind this theater experience is the best 'concept' out of the three proposed. That said, due my affinity for these real-life artists and architects, I also hold it to a higher standard in that respect. The concept itself of having these historical figures meet reminds me of American Adventure with Mark Twain meeting Ben Franklin. I think it's an excellent setup and the impact is felt throughout the whole show. The location for the show itself is also excellent, as is the photoshop of the various historical monuments setting the stage (literally) for what is to come. I do like how you casually pass some of the 'minor' exhibits when those listed are some of the most famous pieces of art in all of history haha. The preshow and custom art for the character is very well done too.

My one pet peeve, since you placed this in Tokyo DisneySea, my one suggestion is at least make a mention that there is a Japanese translation to the show, and you're presenting the English version. That just adds a level of realism since many of the attractions in international parks are in the country's main language.

The transitions are fun and the concept of the show yet again is very neat. While I'm not expecting Tony Award winning dialogue I appreciate the effort to make it seem like free-flowing conversation. I am a little perplexed though at how these AAs are 'walking' around the stage --- these are AAs right? Perhaps it was merely writing for the characters as if it was a real play and not an AA stage show but that's just something I noticed diction wise.

Overall, this was such a fun concept to explore and the use of historical figures and clear knowledge of art history is put on display here. One final note on the presentation method only because it was brought up in the brainstorming - I have no issue with a forum post in fact those are sometimes easier for minor projects, but for me the presentation category also includes custom art, banners, text colors, etc - and sometimes that's all easier to maneuver on a google doc - so to me I'm not going to 'take off' presentation whether it's a google doc or forum post as I view those as pretty much the same method, with just one (google doc) being easier to organize as a team since everyone can edit at once.

Creativity - 10/10
Realism - 10/10
Detail - 9/10
Presentation - 9/10
Teamwork - 9/10
Bonus + 3
50/50 = 100%


Well-Known Member
Original Poster
Project 2 Elimination and Team Swap
As mentioned on the podcast, we unfortunately had to eliminate @DisneyFan32. They did some interesting work during the first round, but it unfortunately came down to selective activity during Project 2.

Now, onto the new teams. After @Garfield Fan opened Walt's Vault, they chose six people to stay a part of their original team. The rest of you (mostly) have been swapped around. Tiki and I are both very excited to see how you all do with your new teammates. Good luck!

Team Ringling.png

@Garfield Fan

Team Barnum.png

@Brer Panther
@Tegan pilots a chicken

Team Bailey.png


Project 3 incoming.


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Act Three: The High in the Sky Pure Action Air Ride

For this project, teams will be designing a new roller coaster. While theme is definitely important as always, with this round in particular I want everyone to pay close attention to the design elements of the coaster itself. With VelociCoaster newly open, the bar has been raised for EXTREME themed coasters and you're all here to fit the bill. Here are the three rings.

Ring Three - Design a highly themed extreme thrill coaster for a Disney park
Ring One - Design a highly themed extreme thrill coaster for a Six Flags park

Center Ring - Design an extreme thrill coaster with a brand new ride system for a park not in the Disney or Universal umbrella

Good luck teams. This project is due Thursday, June 17th at 11:59PM Eastern/8:59PM Pacific


Team Bailey - MesoVision Review

This team out of the three had the most uphill battle throughout the project. For one, it was dealt the most inactive week but most of it not the fault of the players themselves but rather external circumstances. That makes it really hard to come together and get passionate around a project. That all said, I think Sharon led the team out of the ashes and really was the driving force in assembling this concept into something very interesting. Picking a park that I don't believe has ever been chosen for an imagineering project before is definitely something to be commended. And I think with the limited workspace time, choosing a concept like Dinosaurs where you were able to reign in and come together to form a cohesive narrative for the attraction made a lot of sense.

I really like the description of the rotating theater as I think that provides the context necessary to understand what will happen going forward. I also love the blog post style - I find a blog style is a simple way to make something stand out, it's a simple change from third to first person that makes the experience feel 'real' in the respect that someone either is currently visiting the attraction or describing their experience on the attraction.

The attraction write-up is well outlined, albeit to me, possibly a bit too eclectic. There are a ton of different dinos in here and I feel like it might benefit from a focus on a few rather than so many. I like dinosaurs myself, but I felt myself trailing off after reading through several dino descriptions that were set-up very similar just focused on a different dino. Other than reducing the # of dinos I'm not sure how to rectify that or if that's just me having dino fatigue but the end of the show. Great job though with the research behind these dinos despite the extraneous circumstances this project had on the team.

And speaking of the team as it might not have been mentioned previously, but I wanted to give a shout out to @DashHaber - who for the past year has been at the top of pretty much every imagineering competition we've had. Placing in the top 5 in 1986, and a finalist in SA, this is a well-deserved respite from big competitive imagineering, as you're one of the best we have on this board. Hope to see you still around either in OSC, the discussion threads, or in your Imagineering Toybox thread when you're feeling up to it.

In the end I think this team while being split up probably as I type this, overcame a lot this round to produce something very strong presentation and bold conceptually. While a little dry in the middle I think it was a worthy effort all things considered.

Creativity - 10/10
Realism - 9/10
Detail - 10/10
Presentation - 9/10
Teamwork - 8/10
Bonus + 5
51/50 = 102%

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