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So who wants to tell me...


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All about the original Journey Into the Imagination!

I never even went to Epcot as a child because back then I wasn't interested in "future" high tech stuff or any of that. My first trip there was last September, and I fell in love with it instantly.

However, I hear a lot of debate about the remake on Journey Into the Imagination. I happen to love the ride, but I've never known anything else. I want someone to give me a detailed description of the old ride and why it was so awesome! I just want to know since I wasn't there to see it myself. No matter what the ride is, I think Figment is adorable and loveable and he is one of my favorite characters!

Thanks guys!!!



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Someone else can explain in much greater detail than I can. I was pretty little before they redid it, so my memories are fairly foggy.... Then again, if you would have gone when you were a child, maybe the things I remember would be the things you remember. lol, I don't know. Anyway....

The things I remember strongly from Journey Into Imagination (from the early '90s; that's the version we're talking about, right?) are that it was very colorful, but at the same time it was in places a dark ride; it had a guy named Dreamfinder instead of the scientist (the scientist guy is played by an actor from Monty Python and the Holy Grail... which is all I can think about on that ride, now); Figment was there; and it had a really catchy song (I believe it was the same one as the one that they play at the end of the ride now. It's featured more prominantly in the old version).

There weren't any loud bangs or bright flashes (or sudden scents....), and it took place in a much more, well, imaginative setting. I kind of think of it as the modern version being the "left brain" version, and the earlier one as the "right brain" version. There was no Imagination Institute.

This is a link to a YouTube video of the '90s version. It's not a complete ride video (it seems fairly frightening in this video, but I remember a lot of lighter moments as well), but it should give you a pretty good idea nonetheless: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI2VcQRMOM0.


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Thank you so much for that link. I don't remember the old version very well.
Seeing the dreamfinder again made me realize that South Park's Imaginationland episodes were a parody of him. Very cool.


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The thing about the original Imagination - which was my favorite attraction on my first visit to WDW in 1984 - was the complete package. The pavilion itself is a shadow of it's previous beauty. It used to all be open. The glass pyramids were part of the space used, so when you'd walk in, it was very open-air and with high ceilings. There was a spiral staircase in the middle to take you up to the entire second floor which had games, interactive toys and such. It was just fun. Now it's small, cramped, closed-off and the storyline is just...blah.

It makes me sad that I'll never get to see it that way again. I remember it so fondly and I'm not the only person who does. ("One Little Spark" is my cellphone ring tone as a matter of fact.)

Here's some walk throughs of the original pavilion:

And a wiki about the three versions:

Plus there's a bunch of videos out there of the ride. But it's hard to capture the entire experience of the pavilion in video. It was really something special.


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If I can humbly suggest Journey into Imagination - Martins Ultimate Tribute and Imagination 1999 and 2002 - Martins Ultimate Tribute, both available free at Mousebits, you`ll get all the info you need in what happened from 1982 to present day :wave:


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That youtube link is awesome - brings back great memories.

I like both versions to be honest. I love Figment too. The original has a lot more of a magic feel to me. It's hard to explain, but I think that youtube video speaks volumes. The dreamfinder was awesome. When they first redid the ride, they actually removed Figment altogether which got tons of complaints. He was put back in, but it was never really the same.

Still - he's there, and a bit of the music is still there. So I'll take it! I just wish they'd bring Figment back for meet & greets. :)


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Wow thanks a lot guys! I love all of the links and information. I wish I could've seen it. It sounds fantastic.


What an awesome ride. Yeah I love One Little Spark they do still play that at the end, and I end up singing it for days too! haa


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I fell in love with the Original JII on our first trip to Epcot, in 1985. We rode it repeatedly the entire time we lived down there....so every couple months or so for six years in a row.
I agree, watch you tube videos of the original ride, it is the best was to "see" it if you never experienced it firsthand.

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