SA VI Stanza X: Disney Royale! Open Brainstorming Thread


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  • Jungle Book flume ride​
  • Haunted Mansion​
These two are still being worked on at the moment.
Hakuna Matata restaurant
Nobody has claimed this as of yet. If anyone else wants to do this (a Rainforest Cafe meets Lion King), go for it. Otherwise, I will write a quick blurb tonight before it is due

Pi on my Cake

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Based on a cursory glance through our 102 page Doc :eek:, the only things which AREN'T complete yet are the following.
  • Mumbai Disneyland Railroad​
  • Citizens of the World​
  • Jungle Book flume ride​
  • Haunted Mansion​
  • Hakuna Matata restaurant​
  • Aladdin attraction​
  • Frozen attraction​
  • Tangled drop tower​
  • Tomorrowland's Imagination Arcades​
  • Something following Star Sanctuary​

Project Managers, how are we looking on these? @AceAstro, @Pi on my Cake, @Evilgidgit, @NateD1226, @spacemt354.
Citizens of the World is being worked on now! Should be done soon!


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You might notice me picking through your stuff, that's either me going through with grammarly to find errors, or me applying formatting changes to make almost everything fit within @D Hindley 's Comfoorta font style. I'm keeping anything that looks intentionally formatted different for style (ex, me using an ornamental font for the train or Pi using comic sans for the Crossroads) but I might make some mistakes so if you have anything you want to keep protected I'd suggest writing a comment over it.

D Hindley

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I just added a segment for Tangled Tower before we lost access.

@D Hindley please update and reformat the table of contents, because it's set to 142 pages, not 149. Besides that, we are all good!!!

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D'oh! I went and published it...and I don't have access to edit. (Think @spacemt354 has to grant that.) If the table of content is the only problem which remains, then we're still in good shape.
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