News Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster closing for refurbishment in January 2024


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hat I'd actually like to see is I think they should finagle a way to make it a Spinal Tap ride, but that's a me thing, I have no idea what younger generations think about that movie if they know about it at all. But there is a new Spinal Tap movie coming out and since they're fake characters you don't have to worry about stories of their previous relationships with underage girls coming out. Spinal Tap: The Ride... that's my suggestion but it's probably too niche to ever happen. But the pre-show would probably be pretty awesome.
Spinal Tap: Up To 11 is just too good an opportunity to miss!

(Not sure that Lick My Love Pump would be a good choice of song though. Too slow. But it has no lyrics.)
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Permit filed for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster refurbishment at Walt Disney World​

thanks to @danlb_2000



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Just pick whatever Marvel character they can use. The IP actually makes sense at DHS and all of the heroes have a theme song that works for a coaster. Loki isn’t an Avenger and everyone loves him…
WDW already has a Marvel coaster, do not need another. On the other hand I would not be opposed to Phineas and Ferb coaster.


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If Avatar is worthy of a whole land and Star Wars gets a whole land plus another ride, I imagine the MCU would support 2 rides, especially if one is at DHS where it definitely belongs.
To be fair, they should re-theme Star Tours to Indy at this point or move it to Star Wars land. I for one don't want to see the same IPs in all 4 parks including the Fab 4 or 5 if you count Goofy. They have plenty of IP to go around.


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Supposedly final brake run hardware is being changed due to general wear and tear (and budget). Control adjustments as well. Nothing a guest will notice.
Someone posted a while back (not sure where) that the material used in the current brakes was not correct for the heat generated or something similar, and was breaking down faster than expected. Too tired to try and find it, though.


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Sorry in advance if I'm bumping something that's obvious. Are there any updates on this one? Any expected reopening time frame?
Most of the discussion takes place in the following thread, but it's not really about what's happening. More specifically, it's people fighting about what they want or don't.

I hope someone has a real answer for your question because I want to ride this coaster again.

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