News Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster closing for refurbishment in January 2024


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Rode it last week, and it was smooth and comfortable (and I'm usually one to complain about that.)

There's something wrong with the ride system/mechanics itself, not the track. This is truly unacceptable.


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Dang, I am gonna be at EPCOT on the 7th but I may have to sneak over to Hollywood Studios.

As for a retheme (which I doubt would happen) my first choice besides Muppets would be Weird Al.

Edit: Make it Weird Al AND the Muppets


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Tyler is really old and led a hard life.......
It's Amazing he can keep going like that. When you've been Livin' On The Edge as long as he has, it must be hard to get Back In The Saddle time and time again.

Dude must have an Angel looking out for him. That or he's been blessed with Nine Lives.

It's really Crazy if you think about it.

Anyway, for those who keep bringing up Olivia, all I have to say is Get A Grip.

For those who say Muppets, Dream On.

Harry Styles would be a popular pick but that Dude Looks Like A Lady and Disney already has enough trouble with the conservatives so I don't think they'd go with him.

I did hear someone suggest Pink one time, though... That would be interesting.

Anyway, with all the downtime on this ride, obviously sooner or later Something's Gotta Give.

I don't know What It Takes to fix something like this the right way but it isn't like they're dealing with experimental tech here. Feels like they have a Blind Man working on it.

Whatever they're doing it obviously Ain't Enough.

I guess we should all just be glad there has never been a Crash and that nobody is Fallin' Off the thing.

Call me Jaded but I put the blame on leadership.

... I'll see myself out. ;)
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Due to the wild success of the Disneyland Paris Avengers Assemble (which uses the same ride system) maybe it’ll lean heavier into the Captain Marvel character and refurb the ride around The Marvels. Can they use her on the East coast?


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I had no idea who Powerline is so I had to google them. I’m still not sure who they are. I’m old. 🙂 I’m thinking let’s just put Sabbath or Zeppelin in RnR and we should be good for the next 50 years. Music is timeless.
If Plant, Page and Jones show up at a grand opening if thats a big if Led Zep replaces Aerosmith at RnR that would be incredible and I would fly in just for the event.


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In my opinion, Rock'N'Roller Coaster is one of the most lazily "themed" attractions on property. It's a fun roller coaster and I'm glad it's getting the maintenance it needs, but I don't understand how fans can be so emotionally invested in this thing.


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If they are going to change theme....and that is a big "if" it would be better to leave the whole Rock and Roll records company thing and go with an all new idea... and as they will only greenlight something with an established IP, make it a new experience that ties into The golden age of Hollywood... something that makes sense thematically for Sunset Boulevard....


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And here comes the Olivia Rodrigo jokes.
What do you have against Olivia Rodrigo jokes? Olivia Rodrigo jokes are extremely commercially successful, they are also very good (this is obviously subjective, but I like Olivia Rodrigo jokes and so do most people I have talked to as well as critics). In genre, Olivia Rodrigo jokes can be best described as at the center of a three way venn diagram between stand-up balladry, unkempt improv, and uptempo call-backs, although perhaps more instrumental to Olivia Rodrigo jokes' success than the production is the set-up and punchline. Olivia Rodrigo jokes are told with honesty, specificity, and humor, conveying the abstract pangs of angst and heartbreak as a vivid image of the rebellion and sadness of youth.

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