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Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

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So maybe the Train dies in this scenario or is completely re-worked in the back of the park?

Maybe a trestle is coming . . . .


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@marni1971 said the theme is changing. Don't know if we should jump yet to the conclusion that this would be an "upgrade." The track's "uprgrade" in Anaheim was a very weak addition of inscrutable unmoving robots.

If they do nothing else other than replace the gas and emissions spewing vehicles that require continual maintenance with Electric- it's an instant upgrade.


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Shocking that click bait Tom only got half the rumor right.


This is great news.

Keep the speedway, retheme it, electric cars. Big upgrade.

ADD Tron coaster as a people eating E-ticket. Big upgrade.

Where's @jt04 didnt he predict this exact thing? "WDW improves eventually" I think he said.


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"Cars", maybe? Bummer if that's the case.
Cars would be atrocious IMO. One- you don't drive them and Two- what a shocking transition.

They don't need to theme it to an IP. Simply modernizing the queue, track, and vehicles- even as lame as a Test Track-type overlay, would work perfectly next to Tron.

Some fluorescent lights, some screens in the Queue and electric vehicles are all the change it needs. Here's hoping it has no IP.

Ins't there a stop where the old ToonTown was? I assume it's still there.
Its at storybook circus. No clue why anyone would think they add a train stop here, maybe 100 feet from the one by barnstormer :D


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I can't elaborate at the mo. But if it goes to plan some will be shocked. This part of the park will be as changed forever as in 1980 and 1992.

2 things the Tron coaster has going for it that makes it truly unique compared to Space Mountain is the cycle seating, and the external swooping around people walking underneath it. (the lighting inside is different, but I'm not counting that as a huge difference).

If they wanted to leverage this difference, I would make sure the track swoops over current portions of Tomorrowland, even if the main showbuilding is behind the RR. Wouldn't it be awesome if a portion of it travelled along next to the PeopleMover?
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