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Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

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At the speed they build, they would be pushed extremely tight to even think about getting Tron open by 2021, let alone then have time to retrack and refurb Space Mountain...even if shovels hit the ground Monday morning....absolutely not possible.

They built Epcot in 3 years. Hahahaha. Who am I kidding? That was back when people got stuff done. Carry on.


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I am beyond excited about this ride. I do have a concern. Seems like a lot of the "announcements" for WDW attractions are copies of rides at other locations. I hope this isn't a trend.

Tony the Tigger

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Here you go - my entry from an imagineering contest last year. (We were only allowed to write 5 lines.)


Official mini-challenge entry:

For the potentially newly renamed "Disney Cars Speedway," a natural to straddle both Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, the decidedly non-futuristic gas-powered vehicles will be replaced with electric Cars. This would fit better with Disney's overall themes of conservation and innovation, and eliminate the need to pay Speedway cast members an extra 20 cents per hour for working in a hazardous environment. Each vehicle will be designed to represent a character from the popular Disney/Pixar Cars franchise that participated in the racing scenes. The interior will have a screen with interactive capabilities, such as welcoming guests who wear MagicBands by name, and recognizing other character cars as they pass in nearby lanes and communicating with them via pre-recorded messages by the original stars. This would include a new loading/pit-stop area featuring Mater and other non-racing friends offering words of encouragement to your particular character vehicle and "plugging in" your vehicle to drive the point home that it is powered by electricity.


I am beyond excited about this ride. I do have a concern. Seems like a lot of the "announcements" for WDW attractions are copies of rides at other locations. I hope this isn't a trend.
I think that something of this scale could possibly be something new. Same theme and ride type; but different story and track.


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That kinda proves his point, there is no one driving or pretending to drive those cars.


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Its no better on the coaster itself. When reentering the showbuilding you are just going into a warehouse.

It was overseen by the same guy who blew off Bob Gurr and then delivered an updated monorail that had no ventilation and no longer fit on its beamway.

It’s a giant warehouse. It has no visual connection to anything else, including the roof structure that ate up so much money.

I don't know... What's it supposed to look like?
The Speedway in Tomorrowland breaks up any theming more than a clean show building does.


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Alternative Theory: They expand Space Mountain and develop it into a Tron Space Coaster.

Not sure how I'd feel about that...
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