Reopening Imminent?

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Whenever Disneyland does finally reopen in 2023 or whenever, I've already decided where I will need to stay.

Alpine Inn, baby.

All these photos are like total 'subliminal advertising' for the Alpine and now I so wanna stay there!
'George' should get a cut of the profits of any new bookings forthcoming.

Hopefully the Alpine Inn will still be in exsistance by the time the Parks reopen.
I've walked by it a few times during other past adventures and always found it a quaint oddity.
Charming may be another word.


George Lucas on a Bench

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download (3).jpeg

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I gotta say, Mr. Lucas is looking mighty sharp standing there looking off into the horizon.
His attire also perfectly fits the rugged terrain of the Alpine Inn!

I'll take a room, please.



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Do they have a DTD entrance still from the Harbor side, or does all foot traffic have to go through the DLH side of DTD?
Both sides are open.

In fact, the best option is to park at GardenWalk (1st hour free, then $3 per hour), and walk to the East Entrance from Harbor.

A LOT faster to enter, and no being turned away at Simba to park.

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