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News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

oogie boogie man

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Or you could take the opportunity to provide kids a glimpse into what a classic Parisian eatery looks like, granted it’s in Orlando Florida, but there is something to be admired about the design and architecture of Chef de France.

In your personal opinion they’re “boring”. But honestly, you could easily build Chez Remy someplace like Disney’s Hollywood Studios if need be had they put the cloned Ratatouille attraction there like DSP did. EPCOT’s ‘supposed’ to showcase real life/real world settings & concepts in a way that’s fun & captivating but not in anyway that compromises the original integrity of those places. That’s why I say the better approach would be to bring ‘elements’ of some of the characters like meet n greets and things of that nature to some pavilions & restaurants… but not in a way that compromises it’s authenticity to the real life place.

We can have both, real France and ratatouille France. They'd just have to get rid of that Craperie in the back.


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Seems news is that there will be soft open opportunities for AP, DVC, etc…

Any word on dates? I’m there in just over 2 weeks….
Me too…a week later.

Anyone know how many people I could get in if it’s a DVC preview? We have 8 people in a 2 bedroom villa but only 4 of us are DVC owners.


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This is a copy of the DVC email. Booking starts TODAY at 11am, dates are Sept 5th, 17th & 20th. Seems like you had to have booked by Aug 1st, and you can book for guests staying with you (but again, almost certainly only if they were on before Aug 1st.


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