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News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot


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Imagine caring this much about a ride in a theme park. Lol. Some people on this forum act like Disney is purposefully poisoning their children with cyanide; it isn't that serious. Additionally, certain users with their pompous vocabulary and opinions come across as bitter because they were rejected from Imagineering. Hmmm 💀🤔


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I would say, if forced, the spaces should be distinct instead of disconnected. Turn a corner and find this alley that is cartoonishly askew or let that all occur beyond the portal of the attraction entrance. That’s a better spatial experience than, walk out the Pavilion, go around the corner, walk along the back of the building, turn the corner, walk between the back of that same building a small oddly detailed “Norman” building, walk through a marquee and then suddenly get to these buildings that are vertically askew but laid out on a rather formal plan. In the world of the movie the buildings are more whimsical and skewed but the plan of Paris becomes more of a grid? That doesn’t make sense.

I'll grant you that the way they are shoehorning Rat into the pavilion is odd. But it feels like a better fit than, say, Beauty and the Beast.


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Imagine caring this much about a ride in a theme park.



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Will do. I’m at Charles de Gaulle airport at the mo so have a photo in the meantime.

View attachment 381331

My goodness, that's a great picture of that area (looks like right at park open during EMH?). I was too busy looking around (and only had my phone to take pictures with) to take proper photos. Although I did get a decent picture of the fountain with Remy on the top. :)

Edit: And whoever designed the roadways within Charles de Gaulle Airport needs to drive on them for an entire day and then rethink his/her road design philosophy. :D
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Most certainly!

And Sleeping Beauty was a beautiful love letter to the ancient tale of Charles Perrault. And the Aristocats portray a lovely Paris. Yet it never, ever crossed the minds of the designers of WS to incorporate either. Because that would tell a completely different story than WS.

Cartoon IPs in WS are a very recent intrusion imposed from the top down by upper management. Not an organical growth or natural fit.

There is a major difference between your examples and Rat...that being that the setting of yours is a location, but for Rat, the culture of French food and Paris IS the story.

Its much like Coco in that you cant just drop the story in any setting and have it make sense. It has to be in its time and place or it becomes a different story.


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I was very excited for a big splashy E ticket ride at Epcot. But I was suspicious.

I went to Paris. My suspicion was valid. The attraction itself is remarkably cheap.

I couldn’t understand why I was in a trackless vehicle. Maybe once or twice the cars would diverge from the “track,” but utimately there was actually zero reason to be trackless. We all went to the same screens and sat there. Then we’d move to another big screen and sit there. Why were we in a vehicle at all?? This is a 3D movie. Not a ride.

The ride is all screens. There’s one scene with integrated scenery, but even then it wasn’t truly intergrated with the screens (like the masterpiece Spider-Man ride at universal).

The cars barley moved in relation to the screen simulation. Very little tilt, very little wobble when the screen depicted falling or chasing.

This ride was repetative. This is the story they chose to tell? Getting chased around a reasturant while sitting almost completely still in front of a screen in which you can see the bottom and top without trying?

This is a budget ride. It’s disguise is the trackless system, which people have been begging Disney to bring to the US for a while now. Well, it’s coming and it’s a dud.

Congrats everyone!

We should be asking Disney for rides with courage and ingenuity- not only of technology but of story.
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There are four other trackless rides currently under construction at US parks.

Ratatouille is many things and has several issues but it certainly wasn’t cheap or ‘budget.’

Perhaps the building facade is pricy, but I assure you this ride was built cheap.

I never denied there were others being built. I’m hoping Rise of the Resistance blows us out of the water. But Remy’s Adventure is a cheap cheap cheap ride with very expensive packaging.

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