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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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Photos of what I found Earlier:

I love it! It looks like WOC height! A first for WSL. If that's the Daytime Height(Who really knows at this point) we should have no problem hiding the Tacos/Stargate in the sunlight!

As far as this and the Bathroom lines....Rollseyes!...This can't be any different than being near FON, which ran 24/7 from 1982 till 2019!

Overall, a good 48 Hours for Epcot!!!


Original Poster
I can’t imagine it will go this high in the daytime - this is likely testing for the night time show surely?
Yes it probably isn't in a show configuration, perhaps just testing various power levels. Not sure if this is the first test, or just the first time it has been spotted. The barges have been wet int he morning previously, but hasn't been clear if the fountains were actually running.


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It’s just laughable if that’s really how high they’ll need the water to go. Walking into WS will be hilarious.

This is what I've been saying all along. The fountains are going to look ridiculous because of the size (being off-center won't help either).

Although I'm not sure it will be that high during the daytime fountain operation.


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I kind of enjoy that a multinational multi-billion dollar company is decorating their yard in a similar haphazard fashion to the rest of us.


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Those fountains looked to be reaching a good 10-20 feet above the top of the Stargate. Seeing them that high on a regular/extended basis would be surprising IMO, so probably just a pressure test. I don't imagine the noise/mist off of that kind of continuous flow is great, either.

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