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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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I doubt this is in the plans but could they add small barges with fountains on them, like RoLs lotus, and put them around the open areas of WS Lagoon? There is definitely room for it.


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I was going through some pictures and realized someone was recreating the Harmonious barges:





My god I'm so bored today.


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With the smaller barges for EF they can be brought out while leaving the bridge down. I think the WW3 barges stayed out in the lagoon though.
I recall hearing that any time there is a barge with pyro on it, the bridge goes up. Even if the barge can "technically" fit under the bridge with it closed.


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Sklyliner's not even in the Park! Water can't jump IG and get the Skyliners! Can it???

Epcot's Monorail loop facing WSL has a better chance for spray... If Epcot's Monorail ever reopens....
Anything can happen...

With Imagination!


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I was thinking there was something weird.
- Someone saying barges are overexaggerated
- Look at bio, notice it's someone that says they're part of the Epcot and SSE projects
- Mention the tweet and supposed company ties here
- Still couldn't believe it so I looked them up on LinkedIn to confirm. Same profile pictures. But I leave the details out of the posts here.
- Within 12 hours the tweet is gone (along with a lot of very political ones), mention of WDI is removed from bio
- Few hours later the account is "protected", ALL info is removed from bio
- A day later their LinkedIn is edited. No more profile picture, all info ends at December 2020, no specific details of what they did at Disney (something someone else called out on here)

And I have an odd feeling said account is related to that situation. It's something else really. The answers to Martins responses read...weirdly.

I was just shocked by the sheer unprofessionalism by an "Overall Producer" when it all started.
Yeah, look at the false narratives and repeated lies Disney and its media buddies spin about any situation that might make the Mouse House look bad. Disney’s PR departments put out an obvious falsehood, and nobody fact-checks them. Instead, the media mindlessly parrots the official line to avoid offending some very powerful entertainment execs. It happened with the Star Wars sequels, the hideous Castle paint job, the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, the reactions to the very ugly Runaway Railway, the Disney+ debacle (which I won’t name), and now Harmonious.

Then Chapek announces they listen to customers.

Idk who they think they’re fooling, because a quick look at fan forums reveals people are not happy about the latest missteps.

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