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Proposal Advice

Just a thought, How about dinner at California Grill, walk out on the deck to watch the fireworks, Not nearly as many people as main street, then ask her before, during, or after the show. I know you said she loves MK, you can see the entire park from up there.
Good Luck to you both and have a "Magical" Life Together!!!
My daughter’s fiance proposed to her at California Grill. They went outside to “watch the fireworks” and he popped the question. When they went inside table was decorated and got special dessert for the occasion.


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I proposed to my now-wife at Disneyland close to ten years ago. She also isn't the type who would want a really public or exposed proposal, so after a lot of fruitless brainstorming I took her to the wishing well and it was practically private when the time came. A few people would pass by after she said yes and we were admiring the ring and that was fun for us and them, but it was nice to have the moment to ourselves, and we have really loved taking pictures there every time we've gone since, including with our kids. It's hardly an original idea but I thought and thought about it and that was just perfect for us, and besides, it seems like most of the ideas people come up with have been done before. Whatever you choose will be marvelous.
We did ours on the beach around dusk by the Polynesian. Accomplished goals of not being too cliche and being private. (She is also a beach lover...) After the proposal, we went to the Magic Kingdom, took some re-enactment pics (which many people took pictures of and thought was real, we were dying laughing at them), and enjoyed the fireworks.

Or maybe go to a place where you can see the castle but not be in Magic Kingdom?
Just a thought, How about dinner at California Grill, walk out on the deck to watch the fireworks, Not nearly as many people as main street, then ask her before, during, or after the show. I know you said she loves MK, you can see the entire park from up there.
Good Luck to you both and have a "Magical" Life Together!!!
My daughter's fiance proposed at the California Grill. They had reservations and went on the rooftop terrace for the fireworks and he popped the question. Concierge at our resort helped by letting staff at Cal Grill what was going on and they made a special deal out of it. Suggestion, make reservation early enough to have main course before going on terrace because she probably won't be able to eat after the proposal!
Some other ideas that are AT MK but not front and center:
I love the idea of proposing on the people mover during the pitch-black part
Propose on Splash Mountain (where the camera is) so she can scream all the way down
There is a quiet walkway behind Tomorrowland that isn't busy
Take a raft to Tom Sawyer Island and propose out there, maybe "get lost" in a cave and when she finds you, have the ring out
Walk the boardwalk area between Big Thunder and Liberty Square at night, there are some sitting areas you can propose in
Get some ice cream and snag a table on Center Street (near Uptown Jewelers); propose when done with ice cream
Ride the Riverboat and propose there
Wait out the crowds and propose at Cinderella Fountain or Snow White's Wishing Well
Wait out the crowds and do it behind the castle (it'll make for beautiful pix, but not cliche)
Move further out and propose near the "castle walls" leading to New Fantasyland with castle in background
Find a corner table at Sleepy Hollow (preferably when quieter) and propose there - great view!
Pop the question in front of Prince Eric's castle instead!
Dinner at Narcoosee's at Grand Flo - watch fireworks from there, then pop the q
Follow the walking path at Grand Flo to the Wedding Pavilion and out there
Propose at Poly Beach or Grand Flo beach with Castle across the water

(I had way too much fun thinking of all of these!)
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My husband proposed to me at Disney World. He booked a horse and carriage ride at the Port Orleans Resort and did it during that. It was PERFECT! I love Disney, but didn't want to be the center of attention, so I loved it. Afterwards we celebrated at Disney Springs. Best night of my life.
I'd wait until after the fireworks and do it at the end of the movie projections on the castle. Most people are already leaving. I dont think it would be so public. You dont have to get down on one knee. Just walk up to the castle steps with her, holding hands and say "I'd like to be your Prince Charming forever. Wont you please be my Cinderella?" I'm sure you can find a glass slipper for the ring. haha

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Bear in mind, it's super easy for me to spend other people's money.

I don't know where you're planning on staying during this trip, but if you can afford it, AND if it's available, AND if you can do it without her knowing, arrange to move on your last night to a room in a monorail resort with a fireworks/theme park view.

Don't tell her until the day before.

When you DO tell her, explain there was a goof-up by hotel management and they accidentally overbooked the room you're currently in for the next night, BUT, if you two are willing to move, they're willing to upgrade you to a monorail resort with a fireworks view. (Which will, of course, be the last lie you ever EVER tell her)

That night, order room service, plan to watch the fireworks from your balcony, and do it.

The proposal, I mean.

This way, you're getting the fireworks, you're getting the music AND you're getting about as private a moment as you can possibly get while fireworks and music are involved.
I know you said it had to be the MK, but just consider this: The carriage ride at POR has many couples who propose in a beautiful gazebo at the Mansions area. The driver is in on it, and he stops at the gazebo during the ride. The drivers I have talked to say that many couples do this and it is a beautiful area to propose, and special, too. Just a thought.
My husband proposed in our hotel room but I kinda wished he did it in a park but I'm also not too interested in being the center of attention. If you want to try during the fireworks, you could watch them from Tomorrowland where it might be less crowded and do it there. Or at the wishing well behind the castle. Or watching the Electric Water parade on the beach at the Polynesian. Or, just like someone else said, wait until after the fireworks and people are leaving the park and you can still do it in front of the castle. :)
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