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Hey, everyone! I'm going to WDW this fall with my girlfriend. I plan to pop the question, but I've got some questions. Would you do it during the day or at night during the fireworks? She doesn't like being in the public spotlight, so I have to keep that in mind in terms of location. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Based on the bolded text, proposing at the Magic Kingdom is a very bad idea.

A very bad idea indeed.

(Not to mention highly cliched and lacking in imagination.)

See if you can’t rent a balcony on the north end of the Contemporary. It will be private, and you can do it during the fireworks with the castle in the background.


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First off, :eek::eek::eek::eek::):):):):inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove:

That is sooooo sweeeet!

I am not so sure you would want to do it during the fireworks or afterwards. During because both of your attentions will be directly on the castle or sky and it is very very crowded. Aftwerwards because, if you do it, you will attract everyone around you and phones will pop out of everywhere taking pictures and videos. Thus putting her and yourself in Disney spotlight and possible future Pinterest accounts.

So, since she doesn't like the spotlight...

Maybe if you were back at your hotel room/balcony/etc. mostly by yourselves...?

Or maybe go to a place where you can see the castle but not be in Magic Kingdom?


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Well, if she doesn't want the attention, I'd do it in a private setting. I'd spring for a hotel view overlooking the park and do it from the balcony. It'll cost you an arm and a leg, but hopefully you'll only propose once in your life. Congratulations!

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Do it after fireworks at the end of the night, during the Kiss goodnight projection on the castle, the park clears out a lot, then you can get some good pictures in front of the castle or Ask for your own boat on It's a Small World at the end of the night and pop the question during your private cruise



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I think it would be cute to do it on a ride. If you want to do it at the park, there’s no real private setting but at least many rides are two seaters. Maybe People Mover or Its a Small World. Bonus if you get a ride that has a picture.

I wonder if the Jungle Cruise skippers have any zingers for such an event...

“You can have your bachelor party here in the elephant pool...but you have to wear your trunks!”


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Try to get your own boat on Pirates, try to ditch her for a little bit and arrange it. It will be tough but there have probably been a hundred thousand proposals at WDW and there isnt't much you can do that hasnt been done. Having said that, don't if she is expecting it, wait until after the trip that way she isn't going to be expecting it and maybe let her guard down, do it on the plane on the way home..


Twice on my last trip, immediately after Happily Ever After ended, the crowd erupted nearby over someone being proposed to. I thought it was the perfect moment to be proposed to and can't think of any other experience, restaurant, etc on property that came close. Now I assume the crowd erupted because someone had taken a knee and it was obvious what was happening. I'm sure one could propose much more conspicuously though, so maybe consider that as you pick your moment. Congratulations!
I was proposed to last fall in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom, and it was actually very intimate. It's all in the location. We weren't right in front of the castle, but rather off to the left, near one of the gardens. I was racing toward PotC, and he had to reach out to make me slow down - no idea it was coming. He just pulled me real close, and asked me. He didn't get down on one knee, and it 100% didn't bother me. Once it was happening, I knew the commotion it would cause if he was knelt before me, and I wasn't into all that hoopla either (my now husband is also 6'9", so he doesn't really blend in well to most situations). It was really sweet. Afterward, we walked over to a Photopass photographer and had a few photos taken in front of the castle.

I actually had no idea we were going to Disney until I was drug to the airport for a 7 AM flight that morning. He had booked a room at the Poly (where I always said I dreamed of staying), and had taken care of reservations for all of our meals - he had to create a separate MDE to keep it all a surprise. We had dinner at California Grill that night, breakfast at Kona cafe the next morning, dinner at Yachtman the next night and brunch at California Grill on Sunday before we headed home. It was such a special weekend, and it still means so much to me knowing all of the effort he put into the entire weekend given that I'm the one who had done all the planning for our previous 3 trips together (one of which was just 3 weeks prior).

Wishing you and your future fiance all the happiness in the world!


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