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Project Stardust - How the "Cleanup" campaign will affect Disneyland - OCR/SCNG


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I can't stand the negative affects of FastPass any more than the next person. But is it not appropriate on rides that would be longer than 20 minutes or so without it? That is not to say there are not rides today that would benefit without it. Remove FastPass from Indy and that 40 minute wait just turned into 20 minutes.

Ismael Flores

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I've seen it where only a couple of fast pass people would instantly get admitted in while the stand by line waits 10-15 minutes with no one in the fast pass line and then only dozen people let in at a time.

People in the stand by line were getting upset as the cm just ignored them. I was waiting for them to just ignore the cm and just enter. It's not like the cm can do anything if the stand by line refused to wait.
i see that happen quite a bit in radiator springs racers. last time i rode it the standby line only had enough people to fill the last house before going up to the loasing area. i was with friends talking to a group that was visiting from canada. we then realized that we had been standing for iver 1/2 hour without moving. we looked over and the CM was loading only fastpass and single riders. At one point he let the whole loading area empty out and filled it with fastpass and about twenty single riders. we were having a good time chatting with the Canadians we just waited but after almost an hour of no moving we all walked out of queue and moved over to single rider. in five minutes we were all loaded at same time. when we got off ride we saw the standby had filled up to the first bridge and still hardly moving.


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I agree and there is very little to be gained by adding the esplanade! Disney will control crowds by raising prices, increasing blackout dates on APs and if necessary may go to date specific tickets. At some point someone in leadership is going to wake up and realize "Maybe we should build a third park".
Please tell me where exactly could they put that third park? They had to knock out half of Downtown Disney to try to put up a 4th hotel only for the plans to be scrapped.


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Please tell me where exactly could they put that third park? They had to knock out half of Downtown Disney to try to put up a 4th hotel only for the plans to be scrapped.
Maybe Garden Grove, using Tax Incentives from the City.

Or maybe in Irvine, as part of the Great Park project, or Tustin....

Look, Disney's options in Anaheim are very slim. While building multiple Parking Structures (Pumbaa, Simba and the Ball CM lot for starters) will open up some land, to get the Toy Story land, which is permitted for farming, with a temporary use for parking converted will be close to impossible. And the Katella CM lot is not big enough for a Third Park.

With the passing of the ALWI, plus California's changing laws, no way Disney will invest more than finishing up the scheduled east side projects at Disneyland and DCA, along with parking structures. Maybe in 10 years they might look at a 4th Hotel in Anaheim. (Garden Grove might get one if things look good financially with the city's incentives).

I wish I had better news. The Resort area will keep building more Hotels, with more Convention Business, Galaxy Edge visitors, and the 2028 Olympics (Anaheim is one of the host city, with the Honda Center being a venue). All good things for the city, and Disneyland and California Adventure will keep bring in guests. But the Walt Disney Company will take it desire to build a new park to Florida, Internationally or a State with lots of tax breaks and other incentives. And that is just Business.

Disney Irish Bruh

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Please tell me where exactly could they put that third park? They had to knock out half of Downtown Disney to try to put up a 4th hotel only for the plans to be scrapped.
The idea at one time was to put a 3rd gate where the ToyStory lot is located. But that idea has never come to fruition, and probably never will. So many other issues that need to be addressed first, primarily parking and other infrastructure needs around the resort.

Basically the 3rd gate is just a fanboi dream that gets throw around when crowding is discussed.


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Please tell me where exactly could they put that third park? They had to knock out half of Downtown Disney to try to put up a 4th hotel only for the plans to be scrapped.
Here is an old website that Disney themselves set up shortly before DCA opened to begin getting support for the third park. Amazing to think what the property would look like today had history played out differently.



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Why they have to be hosted by idiots I'll never know.
The Disneyland vloggers do such a horrible job representing and educating the fan community- it's all surface level fluff, regurgitations of the same stories over and over, and false assumptions. The Disney "news" channels that lurk the forums and quote our rumors and assumptions, or read articles written by Micechat, Mouseplanet, etc verbatim to "report" the news are ridiculous. I've seen many rumors purported as "fact", or verifiably false bits of "history" cited elsewhere online because a vlogger made an assumption about something in a video, and their fans latched onto it as gospel fact.

Or the Disney "historians" that read chapters from Jason Surrell's books word for word in a "history" video over a montage of other people's footage. I had a brief dialogue with one once- I asked where he cites his sources/gains information- whether he's able to go directly to the sources and help gain new information, or if he's relying on other people's insight and interviews. He said he cites himself- since he's read dozens of Disneyland books. I was blown away.

I'd love to see one that actually approaches Disneyland as a serious art form/business marvel- analyzes crowd flow, attraction/park design, even the pricing from both a business and fan perspective to provide insight into why Disneyland is the cultural phenomenon it is. A channel that is able to talk about the history of each attraction/location- provide insight into the changes that have been made and why they're good/bad. One that analyzes the people that managed and built the park we know today- their creative drive, insight, and influences.

Apologies for the rant. This is a topic that makes me frustrated- since I hate that the first thing people see when they search "Disneyland" on Youtube is 10 different reviews of the pink dusted churro, and 10 different "Disney secrets they don't want you to know" videos. It cheapens what Disneyland is in the public eye, and hurts the fanbase that want to view and discuss Disneyland as something a bit more meaningful in American culture.


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Even worse. Never carried anything into the parks and I survived. Even in WDW.
I see. I like loading up on bulk candy from Winco with my group before a trip, and having assorted energy drinks/sodas to help me enjoy the day without spending Disney prices on sugar and sugar water. A backpack is a must- and doesn't bother me, especially since I tend to be there for 12-16 hours when I go.
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