Premium Parking coming to Walt Disney World's parking lots?


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This is discouraging. I've always been a huge supporter of FastPass because it's free (or at least currently is). I hate all other "pay for privilege" things like Six Flags, because it just fuels the entitlement mentality of society.

If you want to park up front, get to the park early...or late. Plan ahead. Why everything has to be a profit center makes my head spin...and hurt.


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it's not this one thing that is increasing their revenues that I think has us all up in's the EVERYTHING they are doing.
yes, many places offer VIP parking, charge a resort fee, etc, but they don't usually implement them all at the same time.

it's like Disney decided they may go bankrupt tomorrow: find every way any human being can come up with to increase revenues. anything, everything, quick this is an emergency.

they have increased the price of EVERYTHING they offer, decreased the quality (entertainment, hours, attractions) and added untold upcharge events. the old joke on this board about charging for restrooms may not be too far in the offing!!!
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I wonder if they would do away with tram service.
Not likely. But possibly charge for it in the future.
Seriously? My 'home' park is King's island and they have had preferred parking for years. It is definitely a locals park. As a passholder, we did it a few times after they got rid of the Gold Pass lot. They would only charge the difference from regular parking and the preferred. I do not have a problem with this at all.

Current King's island Policy - Parking is $15 per vehicle for regular parking and $22 for preferred. A limited number of handicap parking spaces are available near the Front Gate on a first-come, first-served basis.

You are comparing at Kings Island $15 Parking ($22 Preferred, near front gate) to Disney's current $20 Parking ($35 Preferred, still a mile away from the gate at MK) parking. Apples and Oranges.


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Lets see,
The sad news is that Parking costs will continue to rise, just as ticket prices will.
Yes it is/could be a service that I, 98.5% of the time, would not use... but because this news is coming at the same time as the resort fees, seasonal ticket pricing tiers, overall ticket price increases, and reductions in services and operation times around the resort... its making me so mad I'd join @WDW1974 on his bandwagon in a heartbeat.

Deep breaths.... goooze-fraabaa

On site management and guest services are lucky I don't have a trip planned this year....
Sure, prices will keep increasing. That's what prices do!
For fun, I looked at the cost of parking at Soldier Field. I didn't go far enough to look for a Bears game, but picked a Coldplay concert this summer.
Close-by parking: $54
South Lot (ie. far away): $35

Resort Fees (a survey on them does not mean they will come true, though the chance is there)
Reductions in services (a short-term thing).

I'm more apt to complain about the bigger things, like the fact that they have an entire theme park has been neglected to the point that it's just a Special Event Dining location, paying theme park admission prices for the opportunity to pay theme park prices for food and drink.


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$$$ Ka-Ching!



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If there was a way to make a Premium parking lot literally at the gates of Magic Kingdom and it would bypass TTC/Monorail, I definitely would pay to park there and if I could add it to my annual pass I would probably go to Magic Kingdom more often. Just calling a section of Zurg or Aladdin premium parking is just ridiculous.


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I got a random VIP parking pass once at AK and was able to park right up front. It was nice, but I would never pay extra for it.

When we first moved to So. Cal., our annual pass to DL included "annual pass parking", which was not only free, but was in a special lot adjacent to the entrance. No need to catch a tram or walk forever, we were probably 50 feet away from the turnstiles. It was great. Then they closed the lot to put in a huge waste of space (DCA).


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My view of upcharge "opportunities" is always based on whether they take something away from those who don't pay the upcharge. So I don't mind upcharge meals, special events in otherwise empty theaters, after hours events, etc. But this basically means early-arrivers who used to get good spots no longer will unless they are willing to pay. Boo. Don't like it.
Untrue. They will be farther out, but still the people getting there first will likely get the best available spots in the non-VIP zone. It just shifts the definition of what a "good spot" is. It's all relative, and they are shifting the baseline which is used to measure "good" from one spot to another, farther away spot ;)


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I heard that next week they are doing a trial of $15 for soft Toilet Paper in the park rest rooms. Your magic band will activate the TP dispenser and you get Cottonelle if you pay and saw dust if you don't.
.....and make sure you make your FP+ reservation 60 days in advance!


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The irony of this is, I'm nearing 70 and would love parking near, but with all the add on's it's getting too expensive. We have gone to Disney from the year after it opened. Will have to rethink our next vacation.

Why do you need to rethink? This isn't going to add to the cost of the vacation if you don't use it. With the tram system parking near or not near makes premium parking almost unnecessary. I do think however, that if the Disabled Spots are all gone, WDW should allow those people into the premium spots for free.

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