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Possible Frontierland expansion


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I thought it might be good to bring this over to a dedicated thread based on the discussion it will be sure to generate.

@whylightbulb casually dropped this bomb in the latest Spirit thread...

Looks like the major Frontierland expansion is about to be approved.

And later added...

The plans call for one E Ticket.

And also responded to a question...

And bring back the seasonal versions of CBJ while they're at it too.
Very likely.


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I'm on-board. Not sure how they'd pull this off, AND prep the MK for the 50th, with the relatively small $300-400M its supposedly getting.

I think it is just speculation that the ~$350M earmarked for MK is also for the 50th. We also don't know what refurb and BAU budgets look like. The $350 may just be for new stuff.


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So my main question is whether this is what the $300-400M budgeted towards MK is going to be going for? Certainly would be enough money for an E-ticket and other plussing if desired. It seems very unlikely that this is somehow a new project unrelated to the budgets approved by the BoD a week or two ago but @whylightbulb does make it seem like it is not certain which suggests the budget is still up in the air.

A big question would be where said E-ticket would even go:
1. Filling in the Rivers of America and replacing all or part of TSI
2. In the expansion pad behind BTMRR/Splash
3. In new areas north of BTMRR along the train path

Also, others have pointed out that this sounds similar to previous plans discussed on here in this Frontierland thread.

I believe I've brought this up before but this major project is looking more likely. Expect a major new attraction as part of the makeover that will be much like WRE with a twist.


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For anyone who doesn't know, why light bulb is a very good source. Personally I would not want a major expansion at mk until dhs and epcot have received attention. New attractions at mk are just going to make crowds worse until the other three parks have major new attractions open

Agreed but perhaps they need this to fix T-Land as someone suggested. At this point I will take anything and everything they greenlight.

WRE? DB? Lone Ranger? And Pixar is doing a Mexican based project. Hmm.


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Why would they add this when you have thunder mountain and splash mountain in the same land? Isn't WRE basically a variation of those attractions?

Why not add an attraction to Adventureland instead?

I'd actually prefer the $350 mill go to Animal Kingdom so that right after avatar opens the park can embark on another attraction. Magic Kingdom is so jam packed as it is that continuing to give people reasons to go to the other parks is nothing but a win.

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