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Possible Attraction in France pavilion (Epcot) Update - new Attraction Greenlit


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It was very deliberate.
Are you claiming the expansion pad next to France and the Morocco pavilion can never host a new pavilion?
I think what he's saying is that they couldn't fit the Rat ride on the France pad even if they gut the theater. It has to go somewhere else.


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That's just a guess of mine, but I'd imagine it's a reason. Perhaps they think the number of Remy plushies they could sell would outnumber the increase in the number of Belle plushies they'd get.
One of the things that made me smile during my trip to Disneyland Paris last week was all the people wandering around in Remy caps. I think they would be a nice addition to the WDW landscape!

(the one in the middle & in the plastic thing on the right)


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Honestly, those pavilions are tiny. I hope they expand all the existing countries rather than add new ones. Every pavilion should have BOTH a ride and a film.
Every pavilion was designed with enough space in the back to add rides in the future.

Disney just chooses not to use it


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There was no Mysterious Island merchandise for sale in TDS.
Not even diecast vehicles? A while ago I remember seeing on eBay some great Nautilis items that were only on sale there. It's a shame if they're not cashing in on some really great design work there.


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No, the parking labels only appear on the future state plans, not on the current state and the parking area behind the pavilion is not currently being used for parking.
I think the thin strip of land between the Avenue of the Stars and Epcot canal in going to be the parking area, it's outlined at the bottom edge of the Blueprint


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Honestly the Pter Pan in the Magic Kingdom is the worst iteration of the ride ever built...they REALLY need to either upgade it or completely start over from scratch in a whole new building... Like the Shanghai version...
Problem is, as long as Peter Pans Flight in the MK has an average standby wait time between 45 and 90 minutes even during late evening hours (we always do it with a FP) and guests are obviously and widely accepting an outdated ride with technology from basically the 1950ies without any further upgrades or plussing for decades, TDO will see absolute no reason for spending money on an already miracously (we just don't get it) popular ride.
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