Planet Hollywood unveils redesign for Disney Springs


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How the heck did you even notice that? Or is there a crane just off the edge of the image?
I think it's been up there a while. I noticed it when the electrical cable that was just dangling loose from the top of the steel disappeared (because it was finally hooked up to a fixture). It's not really noticeable from the ground. Still looks unfinished to me.


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So, they added a light...on a what exactly? Project "Eat at Joe's" on the Planet Hollywood building?


thanks for the link, wondering about about the quick service. Might be there at the end of the year and would rather do a quick service type of thing


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is anyone asking for this?

There is certainly a demand for more quick-service options on Disney Springs as anyone hitting up that area in the evening can attest...

Now as for Planet Hollywood being the purveyor of such offerings I'll just quote a rat from a WDW attraction: "They're tourists. What do they know?!"


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Wait! What's going on with this place now??

I hear they are going to totally re-theme the place into this weird star-globe building with a UFO-looking thing sticking out of it. The backstory for it: Eccentric Group of Movie Stars purchase an old observatory and make it into a tacky restaurant filled with old movie props.

Here is the concept art:



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Wait. What does this mean exactly? I'm kind of confused.
"Although Planet Hollywood has yet to make a formal announcement, plans were filed late February 2018 for an "Interior alteration for a new restaurant within an existing restaurant."

Is this going to be another bar?
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