Planet Hollywood unveils redesign for Disney Springs


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I have yet to eat here, still.. And I want to. Not for the food.. But for the reason I enjoy eating at Rainforest Cafe. The atmosphere! It seems neat!


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For me the main reason for eating at Planet Hollywood was the memrobila, so although they have said some will stay I think they need to remeber what the main draw is still to ensure people keep returning.


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Not quite as drastic of change as was originally suggested, when there was rumors of dropping the "planet Hollywood" portion of the name for simply "the observatory part"

Good to see something announced and in the works, as it was starting to look pretty sad with all the new construction around it.

Good to see they are covering the stairs to make it more "on theme"

Not sure about keeping the blue on the trusses, but definitely is a classier look than exists now.


Looks like a definite improvement to me. The brick exterior will fit in much better with the new Disney Springs aesthetic, and I really like the sound of: "the interior will be changed to feature a high-tech planetarium with stars and constellations on the ceiling" - sounds neat!


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Yesterday (Feb 26) a Planet Hollywood manager said the back wall of the dome would be removed and replaced with two-story glass windows that will look out the back towards the new Disney Springs area currently under construction. The view will include the river and new buildings/bridges. Below is a photo of that area as of Feb 26.

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