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Rumor Pixar's Coco coming to the Mexico Pavilion


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Speaking of that. Has anyone else seen the new Mariachi-themed Epcot/Florida resident passholder commercial?
Nope, however now you got me intrigued. Could you share it with us?


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@marni1971, there's something I didn't understood, is the project already greenlit (and considered a WDW50 project) or it's still a proposal waiting to be approved?
Marni has basically stated it has the all clear. The film would have to be a pr nightmare and box office flounder for it to stop now and it doesn't look like either of those two things will happen.


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@marni1971 said that we should expect to something related to Coco before the attraction opened, and Bioreconstruct shared this tweet about some changes coming to the displays at the Mexico Pavillion. Could it be somehow related?


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That is one of the problems with the fact that they discarded the three cultures narrative for Gran Fiesta. In the first scene in particular the sets are clearly still designed to blend in with the original Ancient Culture scene from El Rio. Throwing Donald and images of modern Mexico do not blend with the set at all. for example.

But scenes of Donald Duck shopping in the Mercado are considered a lot more appealing than a fight to the death between two ancient mesoAmericans...


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Both versions of the boat ride were a bit sad...this is one of those rare rides that I really don't care, as long as they make it better.

The only reason I have any fondness for the current ride is because I my daughters (11,11, 13) liked they could screw around on it without bothering anybody. It was really nice to just send them around two or three times, without waits, while the adults sat at La Cava.


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I think it was just a reference to the two most recent Disney rides (both at Pandora), since they both only have one AA.
Personally, I would like it if it had a fair amount of AAs, instead of just one AA like in Pandora. However, I believe that at least we should be getting one AA for Miguel and one Dante?
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Just saw Coco at a preview, debatable on how well it will do. It did have a very Mexico pavilion flare to the artwork, but the story was hit and miss. Act I was lame, Act II was better, Act III was the best, but the whole enchilada was a B-.
The Frozen featurette was great though.
Thanks for the info. If you wouldn't mind could tell how long the movie is, how many songs are there, and with what other Pixar movie would you put Coco in par with?
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