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News People mover now reopened!


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It felt more often than that last summer. Any time I was in line more than 30 min, they would pause the queue for about 10 min. Maybe just bad luck. It was even more frequent at Universal.

The plane actually smelled clean!
I was party to that “on paper” figure - I dare say in the real world it did fluctuate.


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Most distinctive to me was MMRR. It felt like it ”paused” every time I was in a 60-min line, sometimes more than once. Maybe they just wanted the new ride to sparkle.
I was also always stuck in the queue for MMRR cleaning over the summer. Haven't noticed it as much the past few months so I'm inclined to believe it's been backed off considerably.


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Just thinking about the guy in front of me, taking off his mask to let out a huge sneeze, and my car having to cruise through that fog. :hungover:
Oh this reminds me of sad little tale about the PM.

About 6 years back or so we were in the World and I believe the TTA was down for the majority of our trip for a refurb or it was having issues something of that nature.

Needless to say, I was itching to ride it the whole trip.

We had an opportunity on our last day in the park just before leaving for the airport I noticed it was open and we jumped on!
The family four pack was all on board, ahhhh what a way to wrap up another great vacation! As the saying goes... I was happy as pig in..well you know...

Unfortunately that age old idiom ended up being a little too accurate. Sitting in the car in front of us were too individuals who hadn't bathed in what seemed..sorry smelled like months...that 'fog' (to use your word) enveloped us for the entire cruise around Tomorrowland. 🤢
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Updates from sites that shall not be named, but a CM that has been part of the current training crew says that the PeopleMover has been running all day without any downtime, more CMs are steadily coming in for training, and the ride is on track for the May 1st opening date!

There’s also a mysterious black support that’s appeared underneath a part of the track.


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