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News People mover now reopened!


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I have wondered if the rails could be removed, then cement applied to make a smooth surface for the ride vehicles. Of course it would take new ride vehicles with rubber tires but the result would be much smoother and quieter. Has this been considered? Will be interesting to see the tech used on the new people mover at the Vegas CC. I'm betting on something similar.
it’s not been considered AFAIK


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We were there over February break and we, too, left with the impression that the MK was falling apart a bit.

Big Thunder Mountain was broken down from park opening through mid-afternoon (it might have opened later, but we were gone by then). We rode the Peoplemover, and found they were loading less than half of the ride vehicles: between the ongoing construction in Tomorrowland (refurbing the track supports) and the dirty, beat-up appearance of the cars and the track, it looked like maintenance on the PeopleMover was all but abandoned. We did Carousel of Progress and got inexplicably "stuck" in the first scene for two go-rounds. I guess we were lucky that we were able to do Haunted Mansion that day, since it hadn't broken down yet, although when we came back a couple days later to finally squeeze in a ride on Big Thunder Mountain and revisit Pirates, we found that Pirates was now down.

I know it's typical for attractions to have some downtime, and maybe we just had a stretch of bad luck, but it did seem like MK was particularly hard-hit, especially given that we only spent a total of about 5 hours touring the MK and still encountered several attractions in need of maintenance, or inoperable.
I was there in January, and there was no video in the Video Room on Buzz.


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man i hope they dont use the technical issues as a reason to get rid of it, ive been scared for months and its getting worse


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man i hope they dont use the technical issues as a reason to get rid of it, ive been scared for months and its getting worse

Im really worried about this one as well. The bean counters I bet would love to nix this one, its state has not been good for some time. It use run flawlessly, I dont know what their doing.


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Wasn’t a big refurb rumored at one point? The scenes could use it.

You know, that's the funny thing about this. A "big" refurb would consist of what? Updates to a couple of scenes and what else, even? New narration? Possibly changes to the seating in the ride vehicles? New Paint on the ride vehicles? I supposes if they wanted to go really crazy, they could add some projection mapping somewhere.

Heck, as far as the scenes go, they could throw up a black curtain over those and work on them while the ride continued to operate.

Not trying to say a "big" referb woudln't/couldn't/shouldn't happen - just saying that a big refurb for this attraction, might not even be something that would require them to take it offline at all as most of the work could probably be done "behind the sceneses" during the day as well as at night when the park is closed unless they were to extend the track (which I'd personally love).

This one still gets lines, is family friendly and has to be one of the cheapest attractions at Disney to maintain. I feel like they'd have to be crazy to consider shutting this one down unless they had plans to put something better on that track and given the history at Disneyland (which also had a very different layout and technology) I'm sure there'd be plenty of second-guessing for that decision.

I suspect the bean counters area already happy with this one.
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