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Party Season 2021


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Don't know where else to post this, but I saw a video today of Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny doing an egg hunt near the castle and thought it was adorable and a great way to have the characters out in a distanced way and honestly better than just having them pose for photos next to City Hall.

I smell a new hard-ticket event coming in 2022... 🤔


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The rumblings and things moving quickly seemed to have quieted down, unless all that was misinterpreted and was meant to indicate we should see some type of pyro back by October, unlike the prior rumor of no pyro going through and beyond Oct 1, which is a good thing for sure.
Speculation here but I’m thinking Memorial Weekend is out of the question, and maybe late June at the earliest. That’s based on the west coasts plans to open the new land, which that decision could be a indication Disney might consider things “safer”. That combined with the continuing of vaccines.


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Hot take: if they can run the park at 35% capacity and have fireworks return, why couldn’t they also have a party and sell a number of tickets equal to 35% max capacity? That would easily be a profitable party.

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