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Pre-Trip Pandemonium in a Pandemic! A DisneyGigi Pre-Trip Report.

Pandemonium in a Pandemic! A DisneyGigi Pre-trip Report 11-1~11-7

Even if this can’t happen this trip and I wish it was 2019 again- I am going home!

2020... what a year thus far. I don’t like you very much by the way. I can’t wait to slam the door as you go out the door. Here is hoping for a much better 2021!

I am going to skip most things to not be ridiculously long winded and give the highlights. Aka, the cheat sheet. ;)

May trip cancelled due to concerns about Covid, then called Corona.

Quarantine and really bad hair. Being bored and dressing up as Tiger King.

(Thank God for Netflix and no we had not had any drinks, it was 9:00 am after binge watching Tiger King.)

April, getting hair done, at home- because the threat of Corona wasn’t near as bad as bad roots. Disney still closed.

I will never drink another Corona again as long as I live. To be fair, I don’t care for beer anyway.

May, Pool time! I am happy to have the sun and pool. Staying home still so getting to me.

Also made a to go lunch for my Momma for Mother’s Day and a big bouquet of flowers that I dropped off. Had not seen her since March!

June- Pool is great, garden is great. I am so bored and over it.

July- Figuring out how to host a socially distanced baby shower. Buy an expensive wedding tent to host, complete with portable air conditioning (first haircut & color in a salon)
Worked out beautifully, Gave me something to do and nobody got sick.


August- Stressing over not going for our Anniversary, then a little girl showed up. A bit early, and had some struggles. Made everything else seem so unimportant.
Seeing a baby with that many tubes, takes away anything else.

Being home in August/September let me can, something I haven’t done in a few years, and I have put up over 150 jars. I am very appreciative for getting that love back for putting up my own food.

September- Tinker is doing amazing. So thankful and blessed- and thankful to all my Magicians for thoughts, love, prayers and pixie dust sent our way. *credit to @Darstarr for the name. ;) *

Bright open eyes and healthy as can be! 😘

I am still canning like a crazy lady, and keeping Stinker, so this may take awhile to get everything posted-

The cast-

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin-

Oh wait, DisneyGigi, and DisneyB,


The where- November 1-7 Coronado Springs, of course.

Driving, which means a short stay at the beach so I don’t have to be in a car for 8 1/2 hours and drive B nuts.

I have to be here for Halloween, as messed up as things are in 2020. The kids will get gallons of candy at my house. Oh wait, they get that every year.

As soon as I have time will update with parks. Just blessed to be going. I have been smothering in this whole new world.

No dining reservations at this point, again just glad to be going. So many of our faves are still closed anyway. It is a wing it kind of trip. No fast passes, a park a day? For Notorious Park Hoppers.

Pure Pandemonium in a Pandemic for a Planner.

Say that 3 times fast.

Stay tuned, and as always thanks for following. Planning and posting here is half the fun for me.

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A most magnificent star for our Christmas tree! ❤️🥰

I adore Christmas movies, Christmas Vacation being in the top 5, this wasn’t sewer gas! ❤️❤️❤️

This is Christmas, Charlie Brown.

Merry Christmas to all my Trip report Disney friends. Stay safe, and have a wonderful Holiday! 18 days!


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So, our family always gets to see each other regularly, so no worries about Co-vid and Christmas but a strange thing may happen in NC... snow on Christmas! I am nearing 50 and have seen it snow Christmas 4 times in my life. So what does my amazing Dad do??? Pays the Lord - only knows what, to express ship me this most amazing Bradford Exchange bag! Just in case they can’t make it for Christmas. I am so spoiled but also so love this man to the end of time! It has Thumper on it by the way!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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I knew this kid was going to have pixie dust in her veins! She loved her Elsa doll! ❤️

We did get a White Christmas, about 3 inches or so. Very pretty but made for messy travel.

And, a few Christmas movie characters from our very silly Christmas! 🤓

Hope everyone had a blessed and Merry Christmas!


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I found a similar set on shopdisney but too late to get them here in time! Their shipping is soooo slow with Covid, I guess. Since Elsa was such a hit, definitely getting her the set. I got Anna too but Elsa was her pick apparently. Btw that is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen! 😍😍❤️ Love that big smile!


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Happy New Year! Here is to hoping to a better 2021. Southern style New Year’s meal. Collard greens with Hog Jowl, Black Eyed peas, jazzed up, aka edible, and pot roast made in a hour in my new InstaPot. (Why am I just now owning one of these things?)

7 days...
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Happy New Year to you to!
And yes I'll bite, (pun intended), what the heck is hog jowl?!
It is basically like pork belly or bacon, but it comes from the cheeks. When I was little I called it Hog Jaws and would not touch it with a ten foot pole.😂 A southern tradition that you get shamed for if you don’t add to your Collards or fry up on the side like bacon. It tastes just like bacon just a little thicker and more fatty. I cube it, cut most of fat off, fry it, drain and cook with collards. I won’t eat it in slices, too much fat.


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I am cheating on countdown, but I always do. We won’t arrive at Disney until the 10th but our trip starts the 9th and I don’t count it either. ;)
Say hello if you see us! I am getting so excited.
We arrive the 7th but won't officially hit the parks until the 10TH. Will be watching for both of you!


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The forecast is calling for up to 8 inches of snow Thursday and Friday... I know for my Northern friends, that isn’t anything, but for here, it will be insane. We have a 4 wheel drive and just have to make it out of the southern mountains, til we hit SC. I hate winter with a passion, so glad to be heading south. Upper 60s and low 70s- I will take it!

4 full days left and I am headed home - with my Stinker. Had a few moments judging if we should go, with Covid. This is likely my last chance to take him before school, if there is such a thing. A germaphobe goes to Disney in a Pandemic. 😷It should be entertaining to say the least. I was bad enough before Covid. My goal is to be careful and have fun, enjoy my baby. Fingers crossed, that as little places, that I have been since Covid, I will not freak out.

Cue all my Magicians that have been to reassure me! 😂

So weird to be so excited and so nervous at the same time.

Stinker is home til the trip, but he is keeping a countdown.

How cute is he holding Tinker? Such a good big brother!

I am going to do a live-ish report here, still have packing to finish, so see you guys in a few days!
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