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Pre-Trip Pandemonium in a Pandemic! A DisneyGigi Pre-Trip Report.

Pandemonium in a Pandemic! A DisneyGigi Pre-trip Report 11-1~11-7

Even if this can’t happen this trip and I wish it was 2019 again- I am going home!

2020... what a year thus far. I don’t like you very much by the way. I can’t wait to slam the door as you go out the door. Here is hoping for a much better 2021!

I am going to skip most things to not be ridiculously long winded and give the highlights. Aka, the cheat sheet. ;)

May trip cancelled due to concerns about Covid, then called Corona.

Quarantine and really bad hair. Being bored and dressing up as Tiger King.

(Thank God for Netflix and no we had not had any drinks, it was 9:00 am after binge watching Tiger King.)

April, getting hair done, at home- because the threat of Corona wasn’t near as bad as bad roots. Disney still closed.

I will never drink another Corona again as long as I live. To be fair, I don’t care for beer anyway.

May, Pool time! I am happy to have the sun and pool. Staying home still so getting to me.

Also made a to go lunch for my Momma for Mother’s Day and a big bouquet of flowers that I dropped off. Had not seen her since March!

June- Pool is great, garden is great. I am so bored and over it.

July- Figuring out how to host a socially distanced baby shower. Buy an expensive wedding tent to host, complete with portable air conditioning (first haircut & color in a salon)
Worked out beautifully, Gave me something to do and nobody got sick.


August- Stressing over not going for our Anniversary, then a little girl showed up. A bit early, and had some struggles. Made everything else seem so unimportant.
Seeing a baby with that many tubes, takes away anything else.

Being home in August/September let me can, something I haven’t done in a few years, and I have put up over 150 jars. I am very appreciative for getting that love back for putting up my own food.

September- Tinker is doing amazing. So thankful and blessed- and thankful to all my Magicians for thoughts, love, prayers and pixie dust sent our way. *credit to @Darstarr for the name. ;) *

Bright open eyes and healthy as can be! 😘

I am still canning like a crazy lady, and keeping Stinker, so this may take awhile to get everything posted-

The cast-

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin-

Oh wait, DisneyGigi, and DisneyB,


The where- November 1-7 Coronado Springs, of course.

Driving, which means a short stay at the beach so I don’t have to be in a car for 8 1/2 hours and drive B nuts.

I have to be here for Halloween, as messed up as things are in 2020. The kids will get gallons of candy at my house. Oh wait, they get that every year.

As soon as I have time will update with parks. Just blessed to be going. I have been smothering in this whole new world.

No dining reservations at this point, again just glad to be going. So many of our faves are still closed anyway. It is a wing it kind of trip. No fast passes, a park a day? For Notorious Park Hoppers.

Pure Pandemonium in a Pandemic for a Planner.

Say that 3 times fast.

Stay tuned, and as always thanks for following. Planning and posting here is half the fun for me.

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So sorry about your foot. Hope it feels better quickly! The pic of Grand Gigi and Tinker is precious. She is growing!
She is getting so big. I was surprised she let Momma hold her that long, you can tell she is side eyeing, looking back at her daddy though. Lol. She let me hold her longer that day too. Stinker didn’t care for it

And thank you! I can walk, still swollen but I can walk.

Able to make the trek downstairs, where I just witnessed this. Josephine, the Turkey and her 2 friends, are challenging Roxie. It isn’t just ducks, I adore... it is any bird or critter, except these two- 🕷🐍

Only at my house! The turkey is very tame,She knows her name, will come to me when I call her and I can sometimes hand feed. This makes her 5th full year being here. ❤️ (Their life span in the wild is 3-5 years)

Not sure what they would have done without the glass between them- but amazing to watch, none the less!


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Tinker is soooo adorable! My husband and I were supposed to be at Coronado 11/28- 12/4 but we had to cancel last week. My little 14 year old dog got sick and hasn't been doing as well and I don't want to leave him with a pet sitter he doesn't know for a week. But I have a week scheduled at Coronado in May 2021 so fingers crossed LOL.


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The foot is all better, and everything wrapped up and finished on the home front.

With that said, we did change plans up a bit a couple of weeks ago.

I do a lot for Christmas, like a lot, and then we got a pin code for 40 % off from January to June. Then when I looked at it I saw park hopper was available. Yes, I know it still may not be, but it isn’t an option at all on 2020. Plus with the crowds picking up, I really would rather wait a little and hope January is a little slower than December.

If park hopper still isn’t available, the worst thing that can happen is they give me a refund. I am holding out hope though.

So with that, final update,to dates- I swear, and yes, I know I change my mind a little bit... 😑

Is January 10th-16th The Contemporary, Garden Wing, Garden or Bay Lake View. I will note that if park hopping is reinstated, I will be switching to Beach or Yacht Club. My thinking for now if park hopper is not in fact available, is it would be cool to at least see MK, from the resort.

Plus, it checks off another of my Disney Bucket List.

I did order magic bands, since they may be going away, and didn’t care to pay.

Got all the park reservations we wanted, fingers crossed, but no breath held for a return somehow, of park hopping. Like I said, worse thing is they refund me the park hoppers.

I can make ADRs day after tomorrow.

And an update on life here...

Stinker brought me a bouquet of flowers the other day. This kid is my joy, air, and my everything. I so dread him starting school this coming year. :(

Tinker is smiling now!


and I am getting closer and closer to be able to pet Cookie! She is here everyday to eat and roll with me sitting back talking to her.


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So, I loved your post for so many reasons. So cool to see how Tinker is growing!! Thanks for sharing that!! She’s adorable!!

Now for the disappointing side of it......
I’m going to miss you(yet again😪) by 5 days & I’m staying at the Yacht Club.


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So, I loved your post for so many reasons. So cool to see how Tinker is growing!! Thanks for sharing that!! She’s adorable!!

Now for the disappointing side of it......
I’m going to miss you(yet again😪) by 5 days & I’m staying at the Yacht Club.
She is growing so much! Doing absolutely amazing and no sign of any problems, thriving like crazy. Such a blessing from where we were. ❤️

I can’t believe we are going to miss each by a hair again! :(One day, it has to work out us being there at the same time) If I end up switching to the Beach or Yacht Club, Disney is probably going to charge me a make your mind up fee. 😂


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I'm at yacht club Jan 12-18. At least I am for now. Here's hoping for all of us.
I think we are now set on the date, I am just not 100% about keeping the Contemporary over the Beach or Yacht Club. I am so indecisive it isn’t normal lol! I did get all my adrs and very happy to have gotten an Oga’s ressie for B day 1. He is a total Star Wars nut and we skipped opening day last trip. I still kinda feel guilty for that. Fingers crossed for all of us that smooth sailing for all of our upcoming trips. I am tired of having to postpone! 😑


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A tiny shot sick, in our house, but not Co-vid sick. A cold.

Tons of trees up, and got our magic bands. Since they don’t make Papaw or Gigi, we went with Mom and Dad. Pottery Barn, has the coolest Mickey Minnie stockings this year! They are so much better in person than the pic online.

And on Mickey’s birthday, guess who is 3 month’s old?


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I love Christmas too. We finished decorating inside and out last weekend. We have 8 trees in the house, might have to get another next year.
B so fusses at me, for putting trees up,so early. You beat me, Lol I have 6 trees. Not including the rosemary and grinch table top. Can’t wait to do the outside stuff. And, so love, I am not the only one, that can’t wait to decorate. Pics!!!!!


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B so fusses at me, for putting trees up,so early. You beat me, Lol I have 6 trees. Not including the rosemary and grinch table top. Can’t wait to do the outside stuff. And, so love, I am not the only one, that can’t wait to decorate. Pics!!!!!

I haven't taken pictures yet but I do plan to do so. We have to put our outside stuff up early, we have to get it anchored before the ground freezes!


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Switched! And Holy cow, 47 days!!

Fingers crossed, the world doesn’t shut down again. ;)

I thought I had done so well, with my Christmas decorations til my son sent me his amazing Gingerbread House. 😂

B has ordered some sort of thing that makes the lights dance to music. My own Osborne lights. The neighbors are so gonna hate us. Wait. They already did.

In all seriousness, hope everyone has a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. (Even if smaller in 2020) Let the cooking begin! 😘

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