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Trip Report Orlando Calling...yes, I was "there" too...Part 2!!

the clash GIF

Orlando calling to the faraway towns..
Now a vacation is declared and we come down..
Orlando calling and I don't want to shout...
But while we were driving, I saw you nodding out
Orlando calling, and the Disney World..
Come out of the house, you 4 boys and 1 girl..
Orlando calling to our 2 bedroom resort...
Now that I'm home, the trip I report...

I never felt so much alike, alike, alike, alike
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Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us! I really enjoyed following along! Glad you and your home were safe. We've had several close tornados in the past few years at our house and it is so scary to think about what could have happened!
You bet and same to you!! Love DCL trip reports!! Your kids are not kids anymore!

Yes, this was the closest I've been to one in my life here...🌪️


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Great TR! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! Absolutely love the picture of all the kiddos looking out the balcony window before you left!
Thank you! Completely spontaneous photo op. Jace had just squatted down before I snapped it but he was standing with them...


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Love the picture of Liam eating pizza - reminded me of my daughter years ago: we went out for pizza after a long eventful day and she fell asleep as she was bringing the slice of pizza from the plate to her mouth 😆 (as a kid she had a definite on/off switch and when she was done, she was done).

Glad you got home safely - I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to drive in such a storm.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us!
Sleepy Fox GIF by The Grinder

Yep! Kaiden does that at home and we got a video of him falling asleep at lunch time one of the days while he was eating his ice cream.

I had to take him up to the room so he can nap...

Thank you!!


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@Billy6 Loved the report - very dramatic ending. You survived Locusts and tornadoes!

Great smiles from all 3 brothers and a great mix of beach, (expensive) food and Disney. When did pizza and ice-cream get so expensive?

and I found a nice Christmas gift for you...

View attachment 651765

Thank you sir! Yes it was the longest 10 minutes of my life and I think I drove faster there than at any point on the trip...

I think we kept the bug there for a few more days so the kids can show their neighbor friends.. lol

Well we all know why prices have gone up recently, but the ice cream was pretty decent but the Italian food was not on par with the costs...I can get excellent Italian food home made here or at a restaurant for half the cost...

What do "they" say, you're "paying for the Disney something, something"...???

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