News On-ride PhotoPass comes to the Haunted Mansion


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I don't see the problem.
It’s called night blindness.
Exactly. After spending five minutes groping about in the dark hallway just after the stretching room, your eyes are just barely used to the dark. A bright flash right in your face, and you're going to need another 5 minutes to re-adapt. By that time, you'll be cursing the Little Bride at the end...


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If it looks like the example pic, it’s more of a black and white photo or the like so it doesn’t have to be that great of quality pic and today’s sensors can get away with low light but still fast enough shutter to get a good pic.


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I don't really care for this, because it's an extra fee. You have to screenshot the low res version to share it. The quality of the shots is just not there. Flash pictures are terrible, but people pay $150 for this for some reason.


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I'm actually looking forward to having PhotoPass pictures of the ride. We always get the PhotoPass and I like having some of the ride pictures. I doubt Disney will just have a big flash in the face at the start of the ride as they can take a picture in relatively lower lighting with a larger aperture, faster lens setup and iso changes. They know how to take pictures in the dark and make it work.

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Don't mind them adding PP like this, as long as it doesn't throw off the experience. Most of these photos, like FEA, end up bwing garbage anyway. What bugs me most about them is all the framing they put on the image that takes up half the shot.


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I'll take a wait-and-see approach. Modern digital photography can do wonders without flash if the setup is done properly. It's conceivable there could be an on-ride photo without flash or even one with flash that blends into the ride effects, for example, in the portrait hall they have lightning flashes that might hide the camera flash.

Until someone rides and can report where and how it's done, everything is speculation.

You mean you're going to wait and see and not negatively prejudge? How dare you sir!


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Can't do anything about the on-ride photo being taken, but you can do things to prevent it from being seen... ;)

I wonder what would happen if you turned on a cell phone light and pointed it at the camera...
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