News On-ride PhotoPass comes to the Haunted Mansion


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Oh, perfect... the Mansion starts the ride by taking a flash photo of the riders, (a) destroying everyone's dark adaptation, and (b) encouraging all the shutterbugs to start snapping their own flash photos!

ETA: eyewitness reports (pun intended) indicate that the flash used is NOT so bright as to flash-blind guests. So...
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As I say to my family when someone does something stupid interesting: "Was that necessary?"

Were people actually asking for this?


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It works at Space Mountain in DL. It doesn’t work at Space Mountain in Orlando.

But in a dark ride?

Pirates has Photopass and is also a dark ride. Buzz has Photopass and is kind of one. I don't see the problem. One camera taking photos in one specific location isn't as bad as 100 guests snapping flash photography and ruining it for others. They could work it into the scenery if people are really bothered, but from the look of it it'll be near the end anyway.


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I'll take a wait-and-see approach. Modern digital photography can do wonders without flash if the setup is done properly. It's conceivable there could be an on-ride photo without flash or even one with flash that blends into the ride effects, for example, in the portrait hall they have lightning flashes that might hide the camera flash.

Until someone rides and can report where and how it's done, everything is speculation.


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The DL graveyard had a lightning effect in the Osmonds special but that was just for the special I believe. They must’ve only had a select amount of effects working for the shoot because
If you watch it 80% of the effects aren’t working or were turned off to avoid spoilers.


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