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Nielsen Streaming Ratings

Disney Irish

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She Hulk where are you?
Buried under the shows or made-for-TV movies that have full hour shows or are over 90 minutes long.

Nielsen measures minutes watched. She-Hulk could have 90% more people watching its latest episode than "The Great British Bake-off", but will fall behind TGBBO because it's only half as long.

Taking the times that She-Hulk did make the chart, it was on average 440,000,000 minutes watched per week. As a half-hour show, that roughly means 14,700,000 households watched it per week.

TGBBO had 442,000,000 minutes watched this week. Since it's an hour show, that means roughly 7,400,000 million people watched it.

14.7M > 7.4M

Don't know how many times I have to explain this to people in various threads who keep using these charts incorrectly because they're so eager to make their agenda points that they wind up posting foolishness.

What's up with you and some others here flooding threads about Disney content obsessively posting your opinion over and over again and cherry picking data or using it incorrectly to win whatever culture war you're waging?


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What's amazing is people are given facts, but they still dispute it. You've got the numbers, quit making excuses for She Hulk.
I've posted facts. You mistake them for excuses because they don't align with your opinion. Your obsessive posting about the shows you don't like is a factual observation. My opinion is that you can't bear the cognitive dissonance that a lot of people disagree with your opinion.


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Yep completely agree. Some just seem to not understand how the rating systems actually work (or don't want to).

Oh they understand, but we live in an era where facts and numbers can be interpreted however someone wants, to push whatever false narrative they want.

Not to mention a series doesn't have to be in the top ten to be well received or successful. Just breaking into the top ten a few times is wildly successful for any show.

But the two times it's not in the top ten?... DISASTER!1!!!!

Some people need their logic circuits checked.

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