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I have defended previous "D-Zone" installations, including the one in Circus Land that many people thought was done on the cheap (because it was properly themed to look like nomadic circus folk setup camp).

But this is downright pathetic. It will definitely get used, but there was absolutely zero effort put into anything I see in those photos.


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Coming next. The Streets of America D-Zone Lounge:
A "Sit where you choose" relaxation experience!


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With how little they spent to make this, the BoD probably never even new about or still don't know about it.
Don't be so sure about the price. Considering Florida swamp accounting this may be on the books for a few million at least. Those benches must cost a lot as they can't have them in the MK.;)
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Considering this space will likely be on the demolition list for Hollywood Studios 2.0 it makes sense to not add anything expensive or permanent. Courtesy comes before show so having the area open for the summer is more important than making it look pretty , saying that it really wouldn't have been too difficult to do more than hang a couple of pictures on the wall..


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Snide remarks aside. Someone in park operations probably thought that since the space isn't being used for anything else and they are still paying for electricity that a spot for guests to cool down during the heat of the day wasn't a bad idea. It probably only took a week or less from idea to execution. I won't complain about the scenery if I decide to step in there to get out of the heat.

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