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News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life


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Taken directly from the Castle of Illusion Remake cover

This should be a C ticket omnimover IMO.
That actually excites me - the Sorcerer's workshop was freaking cool, and my family and i spent an afternoon in that area having a blast. Epcot needs experiential things far more than rides.
Oh I’m not complaining. I’m just guessing it’s nothing ground-breakingly new in concept. I personally like having the little areas where there aren’t enormous waits and you can just play around and explore. I always loved the Epcot of old where as a kid you could just immerse yourself in a creative environment and let the imagination run wild (old communicore exhibits, the image works playground above the original Imagination, etc...) anything that brings back even a snippet of something a little more interactive is a plus imo. Agreed, Sorcerer’s workshop was kind of neat.

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