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News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

Figment Newton

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The concept art for both looks pretty good, I'm especially excited to see the entrance get a nice refresh while having callbacks to the park's original look and feel. Much better than 'Leave a Legacy' stones, and will work really well with Flower & Garden show displays. The Play Pavillion looks good and does seem to fit Future World's theme, though I'm interested to hear more info on what this will exactly be - the suggestion that it will be similar to Innoventions is probably accurate. In that case, this could be a nice addition and it will be nice to see WoL be used in a permanent way.


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This looks pretty cool! I’m not entirely sure how to interpret the part about Wonders though. So is it just a glorified playground with meet and greets?

We have something in Atlanta called Interactive Neighborhood for Kids. Its sound like this to me but maybe with more technology (looking at the pictures). INK is a huge hit and a great way for kids to learn and understand the world. If its done anything like INK, it will be a hit. Parents like INK as well. So I am hopeful for that and perhaps fit with EPCOT too (learning and fun).


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I know this is just concept art... but the monolith is coming back!!!
View attachment 351550
Hope the Monolith will light up again



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Lots of IPs involved in there.
I've seen: Pan (Tinkerbell), Mickey & friends, Nick from Zootopia, Inside Out, The Incredibles, Marie from Aristocrats, Buzz Lightyear

They all look like the emojis from the Disney Emoji group. I wonder if it will all be Emoji based (which I am tired of)


Imagine that.

Salvaging a bit of happiness, I’m glad they went with this plan. Now you know why I said the hotel was dead.

What will they do will all the ground work they did just outside of Epcot? Is something else going there or they will just leave it as it is?

USofA scott

If they are removing Inoventions and the Exit building from Spaceship Earth, that leaves the tunnels under Futureworld not needed. It also looks like the queue for Spaceship Earth is being removed and replaced with grass. Could these be related? A queue for Spaceship Earth away from the sphere and entering from underground?

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