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News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot


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Glad to see the monolith coming back to the fountain!

The rendering of the play pavillion isn't bad either. Doesn't excite me too much as an adult without children but at least it's somewhat within the future world theme. I'm pleasantly surprised.

If they do their jobs right they should be able to create something that will appeal to both adults and children.


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So Leave a Legacy becomes security bollards.... 😂

"As part of the new entry experience, Leave A Legacy photos will be moving into a beautiful setting just outside the park’s gateway."

You are probably joking, but that's not actually a bad idea. It's not uncommon to see builds with large rocks in the landscaping that both look like, but are also there as a security measure.


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Is that Joy on the hotel sign? And not quite Sadness on the far left?


WDW Monorail

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I am very disappointed that Leave a Legacy is being relocated. I think it’s current location is optimal.

The proposed landscaping doesnt look bad but it looks like a grouping of Crape Myrtles will be planted front and center once you pass through the turnstile area. That will make picture taking with the entirety of the geosphere difficult. However that may be the intent since people do tend to crowd around the center planter for pictures.

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