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News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot


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Wait did they just reuse the font from Poly? 🤣:banghead:
Picture is from the Orlando Sentinel. But I’m almost positive it’s the same font!


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If that is indeed a "Poly font", then they're doing it wrong. There's nothing about that font that fits with the them of Poly. It is indeed more modern and befitting of Epcot even if it isn't the new Epcot font.

Remember, you can use more than one font.

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From what I can tell that's only 2 fonts but they manage to not clash somehow. Pretty neat. I think the "frontier" font was meant to bring in the Indigenous theming throughout the pavilion. Very weird though.

HM GhostHostess

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Mmm… the garbage-can-smelting-in-the-Florida-sun smell can flow freely into the air now! 🤢
I think that Disneyland and Walt Disney World were some of the first places to consistently use garbage cans that were designed with flaps to decrease the chances of this happening. The flap designs also ensures that guests don't have to see the trash starting to spill out of the garbage can when it is full.

They seem to be reverting back to a design that will disrupt the clean atmosphere of the park. You can always sanitize or wash your hands after touching the garbage can flaps, but you can't easily avoid the smell and poor visuals that these new garbage cans will likely provide.
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