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News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner


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Tram loading to serve EPCOT area resorts. I don't remember seeing the trams since my "obsession" started in 2004.
2004 is way too late. I believe it closed when Y&B opened, but I'm not 100% which is why I asked. As far as I know they only ever served Swan and Dolphin.

Lots of inspiration may have come from the Zootopia Skyway:

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There's no way that this has only been planned since work on Zootopia started. The plans must have been created long before that.

Although the project is named for a movie...
Gotta be Peter Pan, right?


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It goes way beyond finances, but that's been covered at least 20 times in the thread and probably 10,000 times in the decade plus worth of monorail fantasy threads...
Maybe they can incorporate some of the footings from the original monorail expansion? :)

Seriously, though, I'm sure the bidding wars will commence sooner than later for 'sponsoring' the system. Disney will probably sell individual naming rights for each, individual gondola!
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They have the opportunity to expand the monorail system, a staple to the Disney brand, yet they won't do it due to financial concerns. To be honest, I would much rather ride a bus than a gondala. That's gonna be so awkward sitting in a confined space with another family besides your own.
Huh? That makes no sense. I could see if you prefer to just drive your own car to be "alone" without strangers but how is the monorail or a bus any different? If anything with gondolas you are more likely to have some privacy since people won't need to wait 10 - 15 minutes for the next one to come. Aside from the rush at park closing it will probably be possible to just wait for the next gondola to avoid sitting with others.


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It goes way beyond finances, but that's been covered at least 20 times in the thread and probably 10,000 times in the decade plus worth of monorail fantasy threads...
I don't think it goes beyond finances... If they both cost anywhere close to the same... Disney would choose monorails I think. based on other projects, an aerial tram is wayyyyy cheaper than monorail or even light rail.


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Since 1851 when they started keeping track the Orlando area has been struck by 12 actual hurricanes. On average about 1 every 14 years. They do tend to come in bunches and for some reason on even years. It doesn't seem to be an obvious concern to me given it's a pretty infrequent event.


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most other mass transit systems aren't easily and completely destroyed by hurricanes though, so building something that could easily be knocked out by a hurricane, in an area know for hurricanes... is like, not such a good idea. It's like building a house of cards in a wind tunnel
I don't see why it would be easily or completely destroyed in a hurricane. The Roosevelt Island Tram in NYC was the first form of mass transit up and running after hurricane Sandy hit the area. It re-opened several days earlier than the subways or regional rails.


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I don't see why it would be easily or completely destroyed in a hurricane. The Roosevelt Island Tram in NYC was the first form of mass transit up and running after hurricane Sandy hit the area. It re-opened several days earlier than the subways or regional rails.
Roosevelt Island Tramway is amazing engineering considering the size of the vehicles and it has been running since the 70s with only two issues in that time. It doesn't run constantly all day but it does during rush hour.


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So here is a thought:

There have been discussions of an attraction in the space in France.

What if that is actually the WDWG station for EPCOT?

Inside the security permitter, and it lines up perfectly with the BW parking lot turning point...

The theming could even be "French Alps"

Corey P

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As a skier myself, how do you see the size of WDW clientele affecting gondola operation?

Several large adults on one side and small children on the other, the cab is going to come into the terminal sideways .
Ya the Disney crowd looks nothing like the ski crowd and I would think they will make up new, interest and totally annoying ways to screw this up. LOL.

For those of you who haven't been to a ski resort, plain and simple. The ski crowd is in much better shape, thinner and better looking. Along with they just are more self capable people. The Disney crowd is more a statement of being a first world person.


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I put this post on my thread about 24 hours ago, but see myself tagged her multiple times and see the topic now being discussed on many threads. Since I am 30 pages behind here and almost 20 behind on my own, I thought I'd drop this here because it answers some questions asked of me and fills in some other details. Good old WDW ... no news and then ... well, honestly, there would be next to no news if not for a few of our MAGICal members who forced this one!

Anyway, hope this helps:

>>First, a sincere thanks to @danlb_2000 and @P_Radden for their hard work breaking that crazy (but true!) gondola story and Disney's rush to get ahead of their resort plans (massive as they were described to me) and changes coming and rushing out the Coronado tower and admitting changes were coming to CBR, just not with a new transport system, a new DVC deluxe resort and reduced capacity at CBR.

All of this has allowed me to only be a dozen or so pages behind on my own thread. :D:eek::cool:

What exactly is going on you ask?

Well, the CBR is being contracted in size. And a DVC resort will be going there (I am fairly certain on theme, but am holding back for a bit because I still recall my teepee art at the WL that wound up being cabins ... I still like the teepees better!)

Why gondolas?

Because it is the absolute cheapest transportation Disney could add there beyond more buses. And they will be used to tout the area's direct connection to the SWE when it opens in 2019 ... or 2020 (no, I don't really care what Iger said as he often lies publicly, even on opening dates!) This is designed to make the area more desirable and give Disney (they hope) the ability to sell more rooms at higher price points (see those $49 cast rooms at the All Stars or $145 rooms at DAK Lodge right now if you think more rooms is what Disney needs).

This will also bring about the long planned idea of dropping the 'value', 'moderate' and 'deluxe' categories and allow for them to sell based on location and desire. You want direct transport to that outpost on the edge of space at whatever Disney-MGM's corpse will be called? Well, would you pay $250 a night to stay at Pop Century? $400 for CBR? Yes, this IS the thinking behind this. And it will be property wide. You can already smell those $1200 a night standard rooms at the Poly for Christmas, right?

More Gondolas elsewhere?

Down the road, maybe. Right now, no.

How does Coronado fit in?

The resort will be seeing an expansion yet again at the convention center to make up for the loss at the Contemporary (timeshare is more valuable than conventions, apparently). So a need for deluxe inventory will get moved over to this resort, which will see even more upgrades and much higher price points.

Does this mean no DVC at Coronado Springs?

Not 100% sure, but it looks that way.

But there has to be more DVC coming?

Hell yeah. At least three resorts right now, including new builds at CBR and in EPCOT resort area.

Is Coronado the only place where actual new non-timeshare inventory will be added?

No. They are looking at multiples. But the big one is that the EPCOT resort I first broke here years ago appears to be on again as a full blown, very pricey, very deluxe resort. Yes, this is the one at the entrance that was planned as DVC. I still believe the resort will be part hotel/part timeshare, but conflicting talk on that.

There also are plans for a Star Wars themed resort of some type. But it would appear to be so top secret that it isn't worth discussing yet.;) No timeshare with this one.

Should I be excited by this?

No, not unless you are such an addict to a BRAND that you want to pay 5-star dollars for 3-star rooms and services.

Why all this stuff now when we've had next to nothing for years?

Simple. Star Wars, WDW's 50th and ... Pandora.

Chappie and The Weatherman expect WDW attendance to go up BIGLY in the next 5-6 years. They believe demand will outpace supply and that you will pay Four Seasons prices for a Disney motel if it is sold/targeted correctly. They may be right with many of you. I am largely over WDW and admit that. I am excited by DAK and very little else, except CM 40% dining discounts. But if you are an addict or a newbie, maybe you will pay those prices. Even if they excite me, I'll simply use my DVC points. Barring a parks renaissance that I don't see happening.>>>

Cesar R M

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Yep. It does.

Costs are being justified by the expected increase in popularity of the resorts linked. You know how DVC likes their transportation ;) and the less number of busses required.

Expect this to start work very soon and naturally be ready for the SWL influx.
So, its already approved, stamped and ready to build?
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