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New Destinations coming to Star Tours


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Very good point. Although in some of the promotional information for TFA, we do see some AT-AT's in non-Hoth locations. It could be possible that this new space port we are seeing has some Empire presence and therefore an AT-AT is there for security measures? Or something...not holding my breath that it stays but as stated above, it would be nice. ;)

I was more referring
to this...


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Also can we get Captain Rex back in the cockpit since we are now going to the new Sequel era and its going to be a sequel to Star Tours.

As to Rex - although the nod in the queue is nice, I would love something new with him, as well.

Check out Rebels

Do you think this will just be a third Intro (Kylo Ren along with Vader and the Falcon)? That would make it 3 intros, 3 first planets, 3 hero projection transitions, and 3 endings(81 combinations). Or would they add a planet and ending making it 2-4-3-4 (96 combinations)?
What and make the screwed up timeline of the ride even worse?

Next Big Thing

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Still looks to much like a set to me, especially if the expansion is going to look anything like the concept art.
There's gonna be a giant Buzz Lightyear, green army men, Hamm, etc in TS Land lol. I mean, I don't see the difference between the two if they were to theme the area up better. The only time i'm ever reminded of a movie set in the ST queue is when I look at the purposely-unthemed parts, which is easily fixable.


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All they have to do is theme that up and everything is good. Why tear down a perfectly good AT-AT because the "studio" theming still remains in some parts? Just fix it up and move on.

I gotta agree here. How easy would it be to finish it? Or even just put that side against some building so we can't see it? It all depends on how the whole park retheme goes I guess. Is it still going to be "studios"? I guess we will have to wait and see.


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All that was announced here was a new destination, however Jim Hill and @lentesta are talking about hundreds of thousands of possible ride combinations. Can anyone shed some more light on this?
My understanding of the current 54 combinations is as follows:
2 Intros
3 First Destinations
3 Messages
3 Second Destinations

Adding a destination to either the First or Second grouping brings the combinations to 72.

Even adding messages or changing it so that the first and second destinations are interchangeable (not totally realistic because of how they end) you're not getting to have that many iterations. Are they adding additional flexible components?


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If they are going to start replacing the films. Start with Kassshhyyykk because that one sucks. Also can we get Captain Rex back in the cockpit since we are now going to the new Sequel era and its going to be a sequel to Star Tours.
I was there at the Parks and Resorts show, and from what I saw and felt from the wording, shows were being added for each movie, and nothing was being replaced, or even closed.

It sounded to me like one random Monday, the Jakku video would just show up..... I know I'm sure Disney will Hype up the premiere, but they never made any announcement to make people think that they were closing the ride to change 3P0 to Rex.....


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If Star Tours (with all its prequels/originals timeline jumble) is in the specific new trilogy land its gonna be pretty jarring. Perhaps they keep the locations but not specific characters? (Yoda, Ackbar, etc.)


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Any explanation for the hundreds of thousands of combinations? Looking at you @lentesta

I'll verify with Jim. My understanding of the math was that there would possibly be 1 new scene segment added to the show (so intro/scene/scene/message/scene), with no particular link between any of the scenes.

But in actually doing the calculations now, I don't see how they'd get to that many combinations unless they have a total of like 35-40 scenes to choose from. They could shoot more intros and messages to bring the scene number down, but they'd still need a few dozen scenes. I'll check with Jim.

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