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  1. jediyves

    Greeting from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

    So a bit about myself: Ocean Kayak instructor, Videographer and film editor, athlete who races stair climbing and Stand Up paddling, build props and costumes occasionally, do lots of charity work and a member of the 501st Legion . ( Do you think I like Star Wars ?) . What got me to like the...
  2. Disney MGM Studios 2007

    Disney MGM Studios 2007

    Here are some highlights from Disney's Hollywood Studios(formerly MGM-Studios), including Streets of America, Pizza Planet, Stars and Motorcars Parade, Ratatouille at Magic of Disney Animation, plus meeting Woody, Sulley/Mike, and Lightning McQueen
  3. Me with Chewbacca(2016)

    Me with Chewbacca(2016)

    Then I wanted a picture with just me and Chewie as well.
  4. Me and Dad with Chewbacca

    Me and Dad with Chewbacca

    My dad decided to join me in the picture, when I met Chewbacca for the first time at Disney.
  5. Hugging Chewie(2016 Edition)

    Hugging Chewie(2016 Edition)

    The only other character experience at Launch Bay I did was Chewbacca, I ran out of time to meet Kylo Ren. So I gave him a big wookie hug, that was my first time meeting Star Wars characters at Disney, again due to the meets being interactive, they don't autograph.
  6. Jawa at Launch Bay

    Jawa at Launch Bay

    We went inside Star Wars Launch Bay(formerly Magic of Disney Animation, can't believe they closed it down), to catch out some things. I met up with a Jawa, I didn't have everything to trade with, but gave it a hug.
  7. Captain Phasma and the First Order Troopers

    Captain Phasma and the First Order Troopers

    This sweet picture was taken during the First Order March that is literally still going on at DHS, during their Star Wars overload(until Galaxy's Edge opens to the public)
  8. Me Talking to Rapunzel

    Me Talking to Rapunzel

    As my 18 year old self was a little shy around Rapunzel, so I didn't interact with her as much. BTW, I got BB-8 ears for this trip, because I was like obsessed with BB-8 from the latest(at that time, last time)Star Wars movie
  9. Hugging Chewie

    Hugging Chewie

    Of course, Chewie's great at hugging his fans, and after that I told him that I would say to Rey for me.
  10. Meeting Chewbacca

    Meeting Chewbacca

    Of course, I had to meet him again, since I met Kylo Ren and BB-8. He was just as awesome as he was last time
  11. Yoda and Luke's lightsabers

    Yoda and Luke's lightsabers

    As we're waiting to meet Chewbacca(again), My dad took a picture of Yoda and Luke's lightsabers from the movies, Ahsoka's was also pictured, and Obi-Wan, Ezra, and Mace's were also there, but not pictured
  12. Jawa(again)


    Yeah, I tried to actually trade something with one, but unfortunately Disney pins aren't tradeable(even though they have been giving pins for a trade), so I had a quick pic with it. UPDATE: This would be my final encounter with a Jawa, due to the unnecessary recent budget cuts
  13. Meeting BB-8

    Meeting BB-8

    I Should had done the "thumbs up" pose with BB-8, but I was a little lazy to do it.
  14. Telling BB-8 about Rey

    Telling BB-8 about Rey

    Of course, I had to tell BB-8 about Rey, and his attendant told me that Rey was on a new mission(which I won't spoil these movies to any of you)
  15. Hugging BB-8(2/2)

    Hugging BB-8(2/2)

    Same as the last one, but with my eyes closed, I always do that when I give the characters a hug.
  16. Hugging BB-8(1/2)

    Hugging BB-8(1/2)

    Since BB-8 was a newbie and one of my personal favorites, I had to give him a sweet hug(Like I predicted)inside the Launch Bay
  17. Meeting Kylo Ren(2/2)

    Meeting Kylo Ren(2/2)

    I quickly did the pose when Kylo's hand does the force in the movie for a few seconds, until Dad told me to stop, so I posed very weirdly.
  18. Meeting Kylo Ren(1/2)

    Meeting Kylo Ren(1/2)

    After that Great Movie Ride, I decided to go inside the Launch Bay, since it's raining rapidly. I only did the character encounters this time around. I met Kylo Ren from Episode 7, he was pretty awesome
  19. wdwmagic

    'Season of the Force' seasonal event to debut at Disney's Hollywood Studios in early 2016
  20. Captain Neo

    New Destinations coming to Star Tours

    Just announced at the presentation at D23 by Scott Trowbridge
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