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New Celebrate the Magic?


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Wasn't the romance section already added back to the show before tonight? Or is this in addition to the current romance section?


When I saw the show in mid December, the Valentine's Day segment, which is the same as the one from the Magic, Memories, and You!, was in the show. I found it strange, but was pleasantly surprised since it's probably my favorite part of the former show.


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My problem has been repeatability with both shows. I never tired of seeing fireworks, so I can watch the fireworks shows over and over again, and be impressed and entertained every time. These laser light shows? Not so much. Not that I do not find them impressive, but I hate that we are forced to watch it in order to watch the fireworks. It gets old fast....


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Video is up now on Youtube, Thanks Steve! No new Romance section but a much improved ending of Brave and the Finale! Too bad the pryo didn't fire at the end.


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EDIT- I've now seen the new video posted above of the Romance Edition. It looks like the extra scenes added actually further play with the architecture like I said I missed. So that's cool.

And I must have seen a really bad copy that was incredibly dull before now. The new show actually does take more advantage of the castle architecture than I first thought. The video posted by Steve above is much clearer and brighter than the one I saw previously and I was missing a lot of detail.

I still think certain scenes could use some work with taking into account the intricate facets and shape of the castle. A fair few projected images look like they were designed to work on a flat and normal shaped canvas and not the elaborate design of the castle facade. The original MM&Y played with this concept a bit more and while I like the new show better from a conceptual perspective (and I certainly don't miss the photos), there's improvements I feel could be made to this current rendition in regards to certain parts being better designed to work with the castle structure and shape.

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