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Never Been There

JillC LI

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Riverboat/Tom Sawyer Island (never wanted to give up time from other attractions but someday I want to do them)
Kali (I hate wet rides)
Barnstomer, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Disney Junior Show, a few of the country movies in the World Showcase (no interest)
Mission Space: Orange :)eek:)
Pandora Land (dying to get there!)
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Well there is probably quite a few rides and shows that I have never seen since I have only been to WDW 2 times in my lifetime. The first being when I was 4 years old and then just the beginning of this month(July 2017) at the age of 21. One thing that come to mind is they had a show from The Jungle a few years back I suppose when the live action film hit the theaters and I didn't get to see that. As for rides 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea was closed before I was born.
I hate that I never rode the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios. I was always confused about where it was and actually most of the rides except Tower at Hollywood. I never could seem to find them.


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MK - Enchanted Tales with Belle
Stitch's Great Escape
EP - Disney/Pixar Short Film Festival
Reflections of China
HS - Frozen Sing-Along
AK - Kali River Rapids
Na'vi River Journey
Of the current rides/shows operating in WDW I have not ridden:

Frozen Sing-Along (did it at DL)

Maybe will see in Sept.
Disney Movie Magic @ DHS
Star Wars Fireworks @ DHS

Will see in Sept:
Frozen Ever After
Happily Ever After fireworks
All of Pandora

EDIT: Rivers of Light
I forgot a lot.

So everything above plus the following:

Disney Jr. show
Beauty and the Beast show @ DHS
Reflections of China (updated edition)
Triceratops Spin
Magic Carpets
Most Meet and Greets (I have done Enchanted Tales w/ Belle).


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Haven't done Disney Jr. or Impressions de France. Will do the second one in November, leaving only the former undone. Outside the parks, we've never done Hoop Dee Do.