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Never Been There

MK - Tiki Birds
EP - All WS Films and Mission Space:Orange (have done Green)
HS - Frozen Sing a long (Have Boys), Jedi Training (Boys not interested), Music of Pixar Live
AK - Rafiki Planet Watch/Conservation Station
Outside Parks - Hoop Dee Doo


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Uhh,,, this is a cringe thread. So much awesome purposely missed.

I feel like I am being trolled, but I think peeps are serious.

I have ridden and/or witnessed all the major attractions. I accidentally missed the Frozen ride when it was Maelstrom. Irritated bout that. I did discover reading this thread one other thing I want to see (Country Bear Jamboree), but again, not missed on purpose.
Ok name a WDW ride you have never rode on or show you have never been to. I have been going since 1996 and have never been on Astro Orbiter. I have just never been interested. Other than that. I think I have done everything else.
I've been going since 2002 and haven't been on Haunted Mansion.


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I've never seen Ellen's Energy Adventure (although I did check it out on Youtube , which is why we decided to skip it). I've never visited the Rafiki's Planet Watch/Conservation Station offshoot of AK (we heard it was boring), nor have I seen the bird show in AK (again, we checked it out on Youtube and the consensus was that it was very similar to the one at our local zoo).

I've never seen Illuminations or Fantasmic! (although we plan to see both on our upcoming trip).

I've never visited a Disney waterpark except for River Country (again though, something we plan to do next time).

I've never walked through the gates of the Magic Kingdom on arrival day without getting choked up.
We did the Tiki Room once just to do it. It was horrible. Now I'm scared to do Country Bears.
I didn't care for the updated Tiki Room. One line from the old one made me laugh and I say it now and then, Aloha. I don't know what it means, but I like the way it sounds! Yes, I'm easily amused. I haven't done Country Bears in many years but I remember it as a fun little show. I wouldn't wait on a long line for it, not that I've ever seen one there.