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Most Relaxing Deluxe Resort


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My parents are owners of the time share, and our home base is Old Key West. Most areas are quiet and peaceful, and I've only heard our neighbors one time in the 10 or so times we have stayed there. We've stayed at other Deluxe resorts which are fantastic, but nothing compares in our minds to Old Key West. If you are looking for peace and quiet, Old Key West is the place for you!


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I think it's safe to say the Deluxe Resorts are all wonderful resorts with their own charm. "Most" relaxing? I can't imagine... it depends on what you find relaxing. They all have pools and lounges where you can relax. They're all a lot quieter, generally, than the Value Resorts ["generally", because there tend to be less kids running around making noise, but there are kids everywhere... It is Disney after all :lol:].

The Deluxe Resorts have bigger, more comfortable rooms, but even then they're still hotel rooms, so unless you're getting a suite or going Concierge the rooms are still cramped [in my view, anyway]. DS buys Lego every trip and by the end of our vacation, he's at some point made it impossible to navigate the room safely [of course, that happens a lot at home too :rolleyes:].

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To me, the most relaxing deluxe resort is the Wilderness Lodge. Each can stake its claim for its own reasons, but let me tell you why I think WL is the winner.

First, the great open lobby is full of big, comfortable plush chairs and a huge fire place. I have hung out here and almost fallen asleep in those chairs, waiting for my reservation to be called at Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Speaking of restaurants, Whispering Canyon and Artists Point are both soothing names. I can't say Whispering Canyon is all that relaxing a place to eat (anyone who's eaten there can understand).

The outdoors areas that go back around the big pool and then down to the docks where you can load into a boat for water transportation is also relaxing to me. The surrounding pines give a feeling of seclusion and quiet. There is no monorail constantly swishing through the property (I love the monorail, btw) so there is less busy activity of people coming and going. This is a feature WL shares with the Animal Kingdom Lodge, another very relaxing deluxe resort.

Finally, to my ears, the WL is a quieter resort than the other deluxes. The Contemporary is visually busy and the constant coming and going of the monorail through the hotel and the people coming and going makes this the least relaxing to me. The Polynesian - which I love - also seems to have more people coming and going all the time and maybe has the most loud young children (which is fine), and while I can certainly relax there, other deluxes are more relaxing in my opinion. The Grand Floridian can come across as a bit stuffy. I imagine myself donning a white linen suit and straw hat and sipping bourbons in the lobby one day - a bit too formal for the title of "most relaxing," I think. The Boardwalk is another busy area with a constant hubub going.

The two most relaxing to me are Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge. I give the nod to WL based on its accomodating lobby and available but tucked away water transportation service. :wave:


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Wilderness Lodge...I love drinking my hot tea or coffee on my balcony overlooking the courtyard or laying on the beach watching the water parade.

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