Most Prized Disney Possession?


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What is your most prized Disney possession?

I haven't seen this question posted before and I'm extremely curious as to what many of your answers will be.

For me it's a toss up between a few items I collected in 2010 when my girlfriend and I went on our first trip alone together.

1. My first collection of pins (one of which she bought me)

2. The sword I received when her and I joined "The Pirates League"
(oddly enough, by chance, we were both given the same last name; Calicocash)

3. The "Wishing Sword" given to me when we ate at Cinderella's Royal Table during the firework display.

Can't wait to read yours!


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Well my son would be the first!! And honestly it's the pictures and video's we've taken, looking back at those memories is awesome. Loooove my pins and I know this is silly but I love my refillable mugs!

real mad hatter

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Hmm,Let Me Tink.

Well after much Tink & Tought,it's got to be a bar of soap I got at Basins downtown Disney.We have about six of these around the house,they are better than any air fresher I know,but one is my favourite and I think it's called "Cotton Candy" It smells like you've just walked into Goofys candy shop.:wave:


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My Scotland pin I got in 2000. Managed to find another on ebay a year or two ago in pristine condition so bought it, just incase something happened to the first one. They were essentially gold dust those pins for the millennium village countries.

I also at about the same time from ebay got a couple other millennium village pins - couple of them cast pins - for less than a tenth of the prices being offered back in the day.


OK..Im going the Cheezy route....the pictures we get in front of cindy's castle! Everytime we go, we get them. I have them arranged so I can see how my son has grown.. from 4 to 12:eek:

Time flys by!


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During our very first visit in 1997 we bought a "Mickey Through the Years" poster. When we got home we had in matted & framed at an art gallery. We also had a little metal plaque with the name of the poster made at a trophey shop and had that matted around as well at the bottom of the poster. It hangs in my foyer and it's my most prized possession that I've actually purchased at Disney.

Another thing is a collage picture frame that I got as a Christmas present. It's rather large and holds quite a few pictures. I have pictures of our family throughout the years at Disney! You can see our daughter growing up at Dinsey through all the years! Last trip picture is in 2006. I have no more room for any pictures of trips taken after that!


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clear plastic keychain with this image in a greenish-yellow color.


Also a Horizons logo tile-slide


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My most prized Disney possessions would be my 3 Josh Agle serigraphs of The Enchanted Tiki Room, Adventureland and Fantasyland. Also many years ago I bought this set of 3 stackable end tables of Micky Mouse at the Art of Disney Store. I also have a pretty big collection of Walt Disney Collectors figurines.


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I have a Minnie Mouse figurine that I got in the MK during my visit in 1977.
I also have a ceramic platter with a picture of Cinderella's Castle printed on it.
These are my favorite things from WDW!

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