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Most overrated attraction


New Member
My problem with Soarin' is that it uses the exact same ride film as DCA's version. Why couldn't WDI make a new ride film showcasing all of the stuff along the East Coast instead of recycling the California ride film. What's more, most people never even notice.

I'll put my vote in for Space Ranger Spin. Shooting Gallery style games loose their appeal when you can't pick up the guns.


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The competition has outdone the original. Both MIB:AA and Disney's own Astro Blasters in Anaheim are far better attractions. It, along with the rest of Tomorrowland, could use a rehab once they're done with SM.


Well-Known Member
Soarin' was just Okay...and not worth the 45 minute wait (with fastpass, no less!)

I thought my mom was going to murder me...I have NEVER seen her have a bigger hate-on for any other attraction! She still blames me for ruining that trip by making her go on Soarin'!

Me...I think Test Track is lame. Probably why I didn't get around to riding it the last three times I was there.


My vote for most overrated attraction is Star Tours. In it's hey day it was great but it is really showing it's age now.


Tomorrow land speedway.

good lord it's boring, unsafe, and takes up so much land!! put a new E ticket or TWO even there please!!!

Sam Eagle 1776

Original Poster
Yeah i'll agree with you there. The "speedway" is one of few attractions that one can ride at any amusement park and just doesn't seem up to par with all the other original ideas. Not to mention the space it takes up (cringe). They should totally build another ride / show in that area. (dark ride maybe?) The lines also move horridly slow. ah crap i'm ranting now.

Another point, I strongly dislike bashing pretty much any part of WDW as it is pretty much the best set of parks in the world despite imperfections. Kinda ironic how this is easily in the top three most responses to any thread I've started :(


Well-Known Member
Hmmm. I gues I like all the "popular" rides and attractions. However, I HATED muppets 3D. I SOOOO almost walked out. I was so blurry, and dated. I hated every second of it. Never will I see it a secong time. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated it.

Sorcerer Jen

New Member
Ahhh I personally adore Soarin' - my entire family fell in love with it :) plus I LOVE the score!

I'll have to go with Honey I Shrunk The Audience, I enjoy it sometimes but it's very old and could do with something newer. Plus the screen last time I went (July 2008) was awful!! Terrible picture, everyone was seeing double through the glasses, and the sound wasn't great either.


Well-Known Member
The Seas with Nemo & Friends - I swear there was more aquarium time in the old version.

Tommorrowland Speedway - Always a long line just to go 7mph.

Test Track - As a 10 yr old, this ride was fun, but when I rode it recently, I was bored.

Malestrom - Another more thrilling ride as a kid, but boring now.

Peter Pan's Flight - Yup, always a really really long wait for such a short recap of the movie.

Aladdin's Carpets - Another really really long line for a Dumbo clone.

Journey into Narnia - Thanks for the preview of the movie.

Dj Corona

Active Member
Add one more vote for Test Track, been on it once, and that was enough, I really don't understand the attraction to it.:shrug:


Premium Member
Nemo ride.

What is that about?

Nemo,Nemo,where are you Nemo?

Where's Nemo?

Oh here's Nemo! Yeah Nemo!

The end.


New Member
I have to agree with the Speedway. I can see it for kids because it's cool to be able to drive a car, but I see adults that can drive, clamoring to get on the ride. Don't quite get it.


Well-Known Member
COP is overrated? Ha! Try telling that to the 5 people who show up for a show these days. The reason why so many oldies have an enormous appreciation for the 'ole Carousel is because of the passion that Walt and the Imagineers had in creating it. The COP, in my opinion, conveyed Walt's overall message and excitement for the future more than any other Disney attraction (w/ the exception of it's Walt-less sequel Horizons perhaps.)

And along with Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the '64 World's Fair, it was among the first batch of shows to have really sophisticated AAs run an entire show. While it of course may appear dated today, you should know that you're looking at a true piece of Disney (and Engineering) history every time you walk inside that theater.

Let it hopefully continue to serve as a reminder that everything you get to experience at these parks and around the resort would not be possible if it weren't for Walt (and his incredible team) -- and his unbridled enthusiasm for innovation and continued PROGRESS. Now everyone, you know the words, sing along!!!

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