More cuts-napkins gone blank

Pumbas Nakasak

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Im wondering if the growing "sediment" amongst Disney forum users is down to the lack of hygiene caused by an unwillingness to use un printed napkins.

You clarty lot.


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Im wondering if the growing "sediment" amongst Disney forum users is down to the lack of hygiene caused by an unwillingness to use un printed napkins.

You clarty lot.
I'm not really sure what you said, but this whole thread is another reason why the whole Muslim nation hates the USA.

Pumbas Nakasak

Heading for the great escape.
Indeed, napkins far less printed ones are the mark of infidels and is the top reason vest wearers cite for taking up the cause.

As for being hated give it a few hundred more years and you get used to it. I mean look at your main man.........


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This is a forum with people complaining about the napkins at WDW...... Napkins. Hold on... Again.... NAPKINS. I'd say pretty much anything that's sarcastic directed toward anyone actually complaining about the napkins is great material.

It's not about napkins. It's about the fact that little by little the magic is disappearing. Soon we won't need mickey mouse waffles or towel animals and of course we don't need hidden mickeys... We don't need any of the special little touches that Disney has provided, some of us just happen to enjoy them.


Forever now this infamous ordeal shall be known as NAPKIN GATE! I will not be satisfied until Iger is asked for an explanation. In fact, I won't be satisfied until he's fired for this injustice. What would WALT DO IGER? WHAT WOULD WALT DO? GAHHHHHH!


We have confirmed that there was a finger print found on the window of the Main Street Confectionary.

We have asked several passerbys about this developing story and all involved were claiming their vacations were ruined. " Its just so hard", said one woman who we will not identify for safety reasons, " Its so hard because it ruins the illusion. I paid good money not to see finger prints on any of the windows while I walk by. I mean, would Walt find that acceptable?". A balding man wearing ankle high black socks while wearing shorts agrees. " I was shocked when I saw it, I had to cover my child's eyes. It was appaling."

We asked a random teenager about his take on such declining by degrees, his response, " Wait, what? "

Obviously he is so upset he is in denial and planning on going to Universal.

More as this develops.

Jimmy Thick- I should have been a news reporter...

And I thought NAPKIN GATE was disastrous. Now we have to deal with FINGER PRINT GATE! I'm canceling my vacation! To all you who are mocking us, don't you see? THE MAGIC IS DISAPPEARING for the love god little by little, THE MAGIC IS DISAPPEARING! The MAGIC IS DISAPPEARING! I'm not crazy, THE MAGIC IS DISAPPEARING. I'm not crazy because the MAGIC IS DISAPPEARING. How do you live with yourself Mickey Mouse, HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF? THERE WILL BE a RECKONING, Mickey Mouse, THERE WILL BE A RECKONING! WHY did yo do this to me, Mickey? WHY? WHY? WHERE HAS ALL THE MAGIC GONE???? AHHHHHHHH!

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