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Make A HM styled epitaph for the poster above you!

Tick Tock

Well-Known Member
Laid to rest, 999th Happy Haunt,
For critters small, he liked to taunt.
Grabbed the tail of a mouse presumed not awake,
Turned out to be a very lively coral snake.


Well-Known Member
mf1972 and ADMachine decided to battle.
Who will win this drinking around the world?
Don't know but we are all frazzled.

But lo and behold neither of them won,
For the last drink they consumed was an alcoholic Beverly,
A killer cola drink yes, a deadly consumption.


Well-Known Member
A bit down the line, but here it goes....

Feisty Mr. Ferret,
Trouble? He loved to stir it.
Until one day someone's wrath, he incurred it.
As for his broken little furry body, we interred it.
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