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This! I dress in layers at DLP in the colder months and bring an extra pair of gloves to switch out. Also a cloth can be good to wipe down damp outdoor seats (nothing like clearing off the snow/frost on Dumbo to start your day!)

That’s a great tip - despite being an AP holder my normal traveling party (my teen) is not one to get moving quickly in the morning so we have rarely been there early enough to need to do this. But since she is « aging out » of traveling with her mother I’ll have to remember this for my next solo trip in cold weather.


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If you have never been to DLP at that time of year, Paris can be very cold and damp. I have found my time in the parks is more enjoyable if under my clothes I wear the type of thermal garments you’d wear when skiing or doing other outdoor winter activities. Keeps me warm but usually does not make me too hot when I get inside an attraction.
Thanks! We're from Ohio so are familiar with cold and damp. :) Paris actually runs a bit warmer than us in the winter, though significantly colder than the US parks. One of my favorite-ever visits to Cedar Point was a fall evening when we got some snow flurries, so I'm actually looking forward to a theme park in the cold! We're also skiers so have lots of thermal underlayers.

Good suggestion from the thread of having a towel to wipe off seats.


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Just wrapped up my amazing DLP trip! Overall, the resort is in fantastic shape. It’s good to see that the effects and AAs were working with no noticeable defects on any of the major rides. Granted, this is only my 2nd DLP trip so I don’t really know the rides by heart like at DLR and WDW but they looked great. While there are a few operational quirks that struck me as a WDW frequenter, they were easy to get by and I found the CMs to be very helpful. The only miscommunication happened when I didn’t pull the safety bar down fast enough on PM as I am used to the HM and it seemed like they nearly stopped the ride because of it lol. The food was surprisingly good. We ate at the Cinderella restaurant as mentioned earlier (excellent), Walt’s for lunch (chicken was excellent), Silver Spur for dinner (good), Bella Notte (great value), and Captain Jack’s (very good). We stayed at Newport Bay which was solid. The hotel was packed. We saw on the bud that the parking lot was full each day. Speaking of packed, it was very busy all three days. If they aren’t making a profit than they need to fire their whole management team because the parks were slammed with guests! Despite this, it was very enjoyable and I didn’t find myself waiting any longer for 40 minutes for anything. We didn’t find the need to buy any Premium Access or Premier Access or whatever (sorry Bob) and we got on everything we wanted to just fine. The best rides IMO are Pirates, PM and BTMRR by far. Just unbelievable how good they are. I could ride them over and over again all day! Still, the park is well fleshed out with many great walk throughs and other small attractions. As for WDSP, we went on the Avengers coaster, which is better than their version of RnRC was, although I find DHS’ to be much smoother. We didn’t really do anything else there as we have been on Rat many times at EC and will do the English version of Web Slingers in Cali next month. ToT is great but the line was too long so we went right back to DL. The merchandise was good, although I found that our luggages were Already bursting at the seems after a week and a half of travel so we had to be very selective. Still, I managed to secure my copy of The Art of DLP!

The weather was perfect! Sunny and I’m the low 70s~!

A bit shocked by this one lol.


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I got kicked out of the ride in DLP by an... interesting cast member. Made him a heart and shouted "we love you (his name)" as the doors were closing, so he put his arm in the door to stop it from closing, released the seats, and asked us to leave the vehicle. We then watched as he tried to reset the tower because he tripped a safety feature. The seatbelts were also messed up as they extended super far out, so that took a couple of minutes to fix. Once he got the ride sent off, he turned to us and belittled us for a couple of minutes, with the highlights being, "is there something wrong with you?" and "you are so weird." Before he started belittling us, I started recording on my phone and then put it in my pocket. At the end, he told us we couldn't ride at all, and then we were like, really, what the , and then he said, you can't ride on my tower, go to another elevator. We had the same cast member in the library room, and we just felt he was really into his role. Seemed super creepy and all, very on theme. Was a genuine demonstration of our appreciation from the dude. Not the same cast member in the picture, but reminded me of this really weird experience.

Later that day, we went on Star Tours, and we did the same to see if we were just stupid Americans being offensive through a cultural barrier, but the guy responded by gesturing shooting a cupid's arrow at us. No idea what was wrong with that dude. Was mind-boggling that someone would lose their bananas over such a silly thing.


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This CM was a huge highlight for me on my recent trip! On my first ride on ToT at the elevator split, didn’t really know what was happening since the CM and people were speaking in French, so I thought I was just supposed to follow the people in front of me..

The pictured CM then stopped me in my tracks and was like "Where do you think you're going..?!" I was sorta speechless and embarrassed of course. I took a couple steps back and timidly answered that I was just following the party in front of me. Then he said in a creepy voice "You don't go anywhere....until I tell you.." with a smirk.

Totally loved it and he was playing the role perfectly. I ended up riding like 5 more times later in the day near close (wait time said 15mins but was really a walk on) and encountered him a couple more times.

Wished I got a couple more pics of their ToT, but it is a beauty.


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I leave for Paris on Friday and DLP on Sunday. Will be my very first time visiting DLP and we are hyped. Love reading these positive magic posts on the forum.
You'll have a great time! Parc Disneyland is beautiful and the resort is much more chill than in Florida


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Have a great time. Make sure to eat at Agrabah Cafe, you won't regret it.

Thanks for the recommendation. I was looking at that just last night - it appears to be worth eating there just on the theming, but ti was closed when we visited 6 years ago. We're planning that and Captain Jack's as sit-down meals.

Last time we at at Innovations and Chez Remy, but our most memorable meal by far was the Disney Blockbuster Cafe. Any time we eat bad food, my daughter brings up "at least it wasn't as bad as that place in Paris!". It was truly horrific and made grade-school cafeterias look like Michelin star food. Looking forward to it's Avenger campus replacement being better!


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I saw a rumor that DL is getting a Hagrids style coaster but themed to Disney Villians in an expansion coming to discoveryland in 2028. Anyone else heard these things?

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