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Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans


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Hopefully the prove us wrong for once. I'm not holding my breath but I believe our insiders by what they tell us, what the current plan is. I believe that. I just don't trust them to stick with it. lol. I fully believe they have plans in mind. I still don't think whatever they do will satisfy some though. What are people truly expecting? What would make it a solid 50th anniversary celebration in some of your eyes? (And be realistic ....) A lot of the ride additions have been dismissed by many ...
Here's the deal I think (and insiders confirm this) WDI has come up with some incredible concepts for the 50'th, The problem as usual at WDW is TDO's accountants will never fund the concepts.

"No Bucks No, Buck Rogers"



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The nighttime parade wasn't cut in order to get HEA.

HEA's existence meant they didn't have to cut the budget elsewhere to give us a brand new nighttime parade right now, but instead use the money budgeted for the new 50th anniversary nighttime parade at its designated time to give us a new nighttime parade.

If they moved up the 50th parade, they'd be cutting something else (TRON racers, whatever SGE is going to be, UK, etc...).

And, yeah, yeah, I know... Disney has nine hundred gazillion dollars and should be doing it all and more; and all within the next year.
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They need not be mutually-exclusive. They won’t be in 3 years.
Exactly, they shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

But if the *only* option was a watered down parade and lackluster fireworks show, or spending money on HEA, I'm glad they went with HEA. But of course I would have preferred HEA and a kick-butt night parade, like we should have. No reason they couldn't pony up the money for both ...


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I'd rather they keep HEA until the 50th, give us a new nighttime show for the 50th, then debut a night parade at Studios or Animal Kingdom. Why keep everything at MK? Spread stuff out to distribute the crowds better.


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With the ‘and one more’ talk previously, we’re either not getting a Stitch replacement, or Poppins, it seems. Still plenty going on...can’t really complain.

Wonder what they’ll announce st d23 they can’t really announce a parade 2 years in advance


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Wonder what they’ll announce st d23 they can’t really announce a parade 2 years in advance
Thats what I’m thinking. If they do announce a parade next year for the 50th it will be a very vague announcement with little to no details. They will probably say “We are currently working on a all new nighttime parade for Walt Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary in 2021” and stay tuned for more details lol.


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Not everything needs to be announced at D23. A night parade can be a blog post. It'll probably initially be buried in an overall announcement for entertainment.

I'm already interested in seeing how they market some of these things.

I'd hope they get a move on another attraction for DHS (which I know sounds odd considering we're getting a lot of stuff there, but they need more; and I think they've limited themselves by putting Star Wars where they did).

I know they don't normally start stuff before announcing it, but if Mary in UK could potentially start this summer/fall (as two people have mentioned, not that it's necessarily set in stone, lol), it seems odd to wait a whole year to announce it. But that's what they should do.

In all the projection shows they've done on the castle, has anyone slipped in a projection of The Castle Cake? ;)


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I know concept/technology wise for the new parade could go in several directions, but two concepts I hope does not happen are something like TDLs Nightfall Glow or a projection style parade. Nightfall Glow is ok but it’s not a true light parade, granted it was created for inclement weather. The reason I say projection style is apparently Universal Studios in Japan was/is still attempting to create a projection based nighttime parade. Should they be successful and it becomes popular I could see Disney taking interest in the idea and move away from the concept of “floats covered in lights”.


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"The next generation of nighttime parades at Walt Disney World Resort© - Guest Interactive Parades!!! If you purchase a special "Mickey Glow Ears", you will help power... we mean, you will interact and become part of the parade!!! It's MAGICAL!!! Please note: If there aren't enough Mickey Ears purchased, the parade will not happen on any given night. NO refunds will be given, so we encourage you to purchase the special length-of-stay Mickey Ears for maximum enjoyment."

Cesar R M

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Really? It's been discussed quite a few times...

1. WDW improperly stored Spectromagic while using DL's MSEP such that Spectro had to be junked.
2. DL demended MSEP back.
3. HEA was determined to be good enough for evening entertainment until the budgeted 50th anniversary night parade was to be revealed for the 50th celebration.
You're missing the point regardless of how its been "discussed". They had no excuses, others park produce more parades with smaller budgets. WDW cant even maintain 1 in proper condition!

Those still show the awful management trying to save money instead of actually planning for the issue at hand.

It still doesnt save Disney leadership for carrying the poor zombie-like MSEP that has been dragged for longer than the darn giant HAT.
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As a minor distraction from all the mitching and boaning (in which I sporadically participate), I learned the budget and vision for our new nighttime parade and was quite pleased, as I imagine most will be. It sucks waiting 3 years but then we should end up with a stellar one that will last us 20 (45?) years.

It’s not Paint the Night, by the way. I know. Shocking. Although it will integrate some of its tech with some new. I’m optimistic and I’m a serious electrical parade snob. That’s a thing, right?
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